Opinion: Obama is letting the unions take over and hurt small businesses

RNC Communications - April 9, 2013

As someone who has operated for many years both in the business community and as its representative in government, I know what considerations aspiring entrepreneurs and established employers factor in when determining whether to risk capital and start or grow an existing enterprise.  They look for demand in the marketplace for the product or service they are offering, they seek out a skilled and talented labor force, they consider whether there is sufficient investment capital to sustain their effort, and lastly, they study the regulatory and tax policies that will affect them at a federal, state and local level.

Even though – as a nation – we are working to improve our economy, educate students and workers in the skills necessary to excel in high-demand industries, and encourage the safe yet appropriate flow of capital, in the form of loans for example, we have not been able to adequately address the last portion of the equation.

Since winning the election in 2008 and taking the oath of office, President Obama has preoccupied himself with rewarding his friends in Big Labor as opposed to concerning himself with sending a message to job creators that they have an ally in Washington, D.C.  The best example of this is a little-known agency named the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  This federal and supposedly independent group is tasked with refereeing disputes between labor and employers in the private sector.  Yet, since early in Obama’s administration, the NLRB has dedicated itself to writing rules and issuing decisions that benefit union bosses, while hurting America’s small business owners.

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