Our Latino Leaders: Meet Rene Plasencia

Ruth Guerra - October 8, 2015

Rene is Republican Because

"I’m Growing up my father would tell me stories of what it was like in Cuba for him and what he and his family had to do to get to the United States. He knows first-hand what it means to live under an oppressive government where there is no value for hard work and no motivation for innovation and creativity.

My mother's family moved from Puerto Rico to New York with little more than a dream of making a life in a new place. In New York, she worked tirelessly to become part of her new community. Her tenacity showed me firsthand that sometimes taking a leap of faith results in greater opportunities.

It was as a school teacher that I truly began to see the importance of my parents' message and republican principles. I taught in a diverse community filled with hard working families, many of them newly arrived to our Country.Through interactions with my students and athletes, my parents' message of less government and personal accountability was reinforced.

My students and all Americans deserve the same opportunities that my father and mother received. These opportunities are made possible by keeping our taxes low and making it easier for businesses to succeed by limiting arduous regulations. They also deserve access to the best schools and quality healthcare."


Rene Plasencia was born in Orlando. He was a standout athlete at Dr. Phillips HS where he earned a track and field scholarship to the University of Central Florida. In 2000, he became a social studies teacher at Colonial High School, where he also served as the head cross country and track coach. Coach P, as his athletes call him, was passionate about the kids in his school. He preached integrity, personal responsibility, and work ethic both in the classroom and on the field. He inspired his kids to reach a level of excellence that no one believed was possible.

In 2011 and 2012, his boys cross country teams won back to back state titles; Colonial's first and only state titles in any sport. In 2014, Coach P once again accomplished something few people thought was possible. He defeated a popular incumbent in a heavily democrat district and was elected to the Florida House of Representatives representing District 49.

Follow Rene Placencia on Twitter: @CoachP_CHS

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