Outstanding Hispanic Republican Leader: Lolita Zinke

Team GOP - October 5, 2016

“I'm a republican because I believe in fiscal responsibility, economic growth through cutting regulation, and a strong military.  We have the greatest and most charitable country ever formed and our ideals of freedom stated in our constitution are the template for all democracies throughout the world. We have been a beacon of hope and an answer to prayers for years in the world and it is my deepest belief that the republican platform most closely captures this.  When America is strong, the world is safe.  

My Hispanic values of family first, strong work ethic and a personal, spiritual relationship with God are embodied by the republican values.  Culturally, Latinos are very conservative and proud.  We believe in the dignity of hard work, not handouts. We put our family first and will do anything to make sure they succeed, sometimes even crossing borders illegally to better our families.  Latinos are also very patriotic.  The numbers of Hispanics in our military show this, along with all of our Medal of Honor recipients."

Lolita Zinke is a native of Santa Barbara, California and is the daughter of Frederick Hand and Consuelo Castro Hand, the former US Consulate to Peru and a naturalized US citizen.  After graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Lolita graduated from California Western School of Law and later provided bilingual felony arraignment services for the San Diego Public Defenders Office.   

Lolita married Ryan Zinke, a former Commander at SEAL Team SIX, in 1992 and began a second career as a Navy spouse and additionally served as a civilian employee with a Top Secret clearance on the Flag Officer staff of Admiral Borda in London, United Kingdom.  As a relative of Admiral “Bull” Halsey, Lolita proudly continued the Naval tradition by watching her daughter Jennifer graduate first in her class from US Navy Diving school and later marry an active duty US Navy SEAL. During the Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, Lolita’s Navy SEAL husband, Navy Diver daughter, and Navy SEAL son-in-law were simultaneously deployed overseas to the Middle East.  Lolita later continued her public service an uncover operative with the California Department of Motor Vehicles in San Diego, CA.  Lolita currently is self-employed an estate property and asset manager. 

Lolita’s passion for children is expressed by being the Co-founder of the Great Northern Veterans Peace Park Foundation which created an 18 acre children’s sledding park in Whitefish Montana and she is the founder of the non-profit Amazon Kids which provides computers and related educational services to children in the Amazon basin.  Lolita has led multiple trips to the isolated parts of the Amazon and has provided invaluable learning opportunities for children eager to learn.  

Lolita currently serves as the President of the Freshmen Congressional Club and is dedicated to bipartisan relationship building and charitable giving.  In addition to her daughter Jennifer, Lolita has two boys who both attend college.

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