Outstanding Hispanic Republican Leader: Luis Quinonez

Team GOP - October 10, 2016

“I believe in self-reliance, smaller government, self-discipline and being the best you can be.  The country has deteriorated to the point it no longer is the land of opportunity, ideas and respect.  I arrived in the USA as a 17 year old, $5 in my pocket and with the firm belief the US was the place where dreams could be achieved with hard work and dedication.

What other nation would have allowed me to serve in the military, become an officer and Naval aviator and be given every opportunity to succeed.  After my military service in January 1991, I started my own business and by 1995 I had over 2000 employees and became the 6th largest company in the US.  

The only thing the government offered me was the opportunity to succeed, no one gave me anything. Hard work and a nation where anyone could use their skills and talents to become successful made it possible.  Our society has become lazy, divided and demanding they be supported by big government.  Government handouts never raised anyone from poverty and dependence.  Hard work and conservative ideals has.   Republican values make it possible for people like me to reach their highest level and obtain what used to be called The American Dream.” - Luis Quinonez

Luis is a veteran of the US Armed services and served honorably in the Marine Corps as both enlisted and an officer, finishing his career in the US Navy reserves.  He served in the Vietnam war was involved in the actual control of naval aircraft, was assigned to the Joint Chief of Staff at the Pentagon and the US Senate as department of the Navy liaison.   He served as program manager for antisubmarine programs and managed over 640 US Naval plus 120 foreign military aircraft.   He left military service as results of injuries sustained on active duty.

Luis is dedicated to helping disabled veterans and is very active on programs to prevent the troubling suicide rate and lower homelessness and drug addiction among veterans.    

Luis started his own business in January 1990 and by 1994 he was the sixth largest Hispanic owned company with more than 2000 employees in 28 states.  He expanded his business to provide healthcare services in 5 foreign countries and operated hospitals and clinics providing high quality services to more than a million people.  He co-developed the healthcare plan for military dependents and retirees covering southern 12 states.   Luis also started air charter and air ambulance services expanding to 5 airplanes and one helicopter.

Luis served as the president of the US- Central America Chamber of Commerce, is a co-founder of the Hispanic College Fund which has helped more than 23,000 young Hispanics attend college and sponsors several education programs for at risk children.   He served as official observer to the El Salvador peace negotiations and the first elections after the peace accord was signed.   

Luis has received numerous awards for his dedication to help veterans and at risk children.  He has served as Hispanic Advisor to the White House, helped to raise millions for presidential races and works to develop conservative grass root efforts.
Luis is a regular speaker at Spanish speaking international and national television shows and has debated members of congress, congressional staffers and activists on live television.  He is also a regular on Spanish speaking radio and printed media.  

Luis has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Law Degree, is a licensed aircraft pilot with commercial, ATP, instrument and multi-engine and jets ratings.  He was a visiting professor to Del Valle University in Guatemala.

He has two children and travels between his homes in Virginia and South Florida.

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