About Mark Pryor’s ObamaCare “Scheduling Conflict”…

- September 5, 2013

According To A Pryor Insider, Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) Skipped Bill Clinton’s Speech On ObamaCare To Avoid “Being Too Closely Associated With The Health Care Law.” “Mr. Pryor did not attend the event for risk of being too closely associated with the health care law, according to one person with knowledge of his plans, but who was not authorized to discuss them publicly. A campaign spokesman has said that Mr. Pryor had a scheduling conflict.” (Abby Goodnough and Amy Chozick, “Clinton Urges Americans To Sign Up For Health Care Exchanges,” The New York Times, 9/4/13)

  • FLASHBACK: Pryor’s Office Initially Claimed He Was Unable To Attend Clinton’s Speech Due To A “Previously Scheduled Engagement.” “Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) won't attend President Clinton's speech on ObamaCare in his home state, a sign of how problematic the law is for the embattled senator.  ‘Sen. Pryor has a previously scheduled engagement out of town that day, so he won't be able to attend the event at the Clinton Presidential Library,’ Pryor campaign spokeswoman Amy Schlesing told The Hill via email.” (Cameron Joseph, “Pryor Won't Attend Clinton's ObamaCare Speech In Arkansas,” The Hill, 8/28/13)


Pryor Cast The Deciding Vote For ObamaCare. (H.R. 3590, Roll Call Vote #396, Adopted 60-39: R 0-39; D 60-0, 12/24/09, PryorVoted Yea)

  • Pryor Has Stood By His Vote For Obamacare, Saying: “I Think It Was The Right Vote, I Think It Was Good For Arkansas.” “HOST: ‘Do you still stand by your vote for federal health care?  What do you tell, what is your message to voters as to why that was the right vote?’  PRYOR: ‘I do.  I think it was the right vote, I think it was good for Arkansas.’” (Interview With Senator Mark Pryor, KARK-TV, 6/2/13)
  • Pryor Recently Praised ObamaCare As “An Amazing Success Story.” KHOG’s CRAIG CANNON: “Political experts say the new healthcare law could be a hot topic. Pryor was one of 60 Democrats who voted for it back in 2009. He defends that vote today.” SENATOR MARK PRYOR: “I would say if you want a good opinion about ObamaCare, go right here to Mercy Hospital and ask them how they feel about it. It’s been an amazing success story so far.” (“Rep. Tom Cotton Running For Senate,” KHOG, 8/6/13)

ObamaCare Will Cost Tyson Foods, A Major Arkansas Employer, $10 Million Next Year. “And while polls show the race tight, some surveys also say that when voters learn Pryor was an Obamacare supporter, they are less inclined to vote for him. This was the same dynamic that doomed Lincoln in 2010, and as the law is being implemented, businesses in Arkansas are now complaining about the rising health care costs, including $10 million of additional costs Arkansas-based food giant Tyson will have to incur next year because of the new law. (Manu Raju, “Lone Arkansas Democrat Mark Pryor Hangs On,” Politico, 8/19/13)

Little Rock-Based Baptist Health System Announced That It Will Lay Off 170 Arkansas Workers Due To ObamaCare. “Little Rock-based Baptist Health System says it will lay off 170 workers across its statewide health care network and one industry leader says more hospitals could follow suit… In a statement provided to members of the media, Mark Lowman, Vice President, Strategic Development at Baptist Health said: ‘To ensure Baptist Health’s continued success and our long term ability to sustain our Mission, we are undertaking a number of initiatives that will position our organization to address the challenges of health reform and severe federal budget cuts.’” (Roby Brock, “Baptist Health System Laying Off 170 As Hospitals Cope With Medicare Cuts,” Talk Business Arkansas, 7/16/13)

College Professors In Arkansas Will Have Their Hours Cut Because Of ObamaCare. ANCHOR:  “Beginning this fall, Pulaski Tech will limit the amount of courses professors are able to teach.  KARK 4’s Joceyln Tovar says this change in turn will limit the benefits available to them.”  … TOVAR:  ““Human resource officials for the college say that changes in benefits because of the ObamaCare law require part time employees who are working 30 hours to be considered full time, and therefore require benefits, benefits the school says are just too much strain on their shoestring budget.” (KARK 4, 4/4/13)


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