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Republican National Committee Airs TV Ad "Again"

- July 27, 2012

WASHINGTON - The Republican National Committee is airing the television ad "Again" shedding light on President Obama's stimulus that failed to create jobs but sent millions of taxpayer dollars to foreign countries and Obama's political insiders.

The ad will air on NBC during the Olympics, on national cable and in North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and Virginia 

TV ad can be viewed here.

Download the TV ad here.

"President Obama may think his economic plan worked but looking at today's GDP numbers it's clear the president is out of touch," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "Instead of helping 23 million Americans struggling under a slow economy, Obama's stimulus plan sent money to his political insiders, went to foreign countries, or wasn't accounted for. It did everything except do what President Obama promised it would: create jobs for the American people. In a second term, President Obama wants to do it all again. Middle class families can't afford that." 

"Again" Ad Script


"President Obama's first term economic plan: An eight hundred billion dollar stimulus."

OBAMA: To Create Three To Four Million Jobs

ANNOUNCER: While Americans Waited For Help. Billions Were Spent In Foreign Countries.

Millions Went To Political Insiders

Millions More Unaccounted For

Now Your Money Is Gone

And So Are Nearly Five Hundred Thousand Jobs.

His Second Term Economic Plan? Do it again.

"Obama proposed his second stimulus" CJR,


Are You With Him?

The Republican National Committee Is Responsible For The Content Of This Advertising.


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