RNC Day 1: Make America Safe Again In Photos

Team GOP - July 20, 2016

Republicans from all 55 states and territories filed into Quicken Loans Arena for the opening night of the 2016 Republican National Convention. Our theme of the night focused on Making America Safe Again.

The night was full of impassioned speeches dedicated to making the lives of everyday Americans safer. Senator Joni Ernst challenged us to be champions for our Veterans. Rudy Giuliani’s strong support of law enforcement fired up the crowd.

And no one will be able to forget Donald Trump’s epic stage entrance to introduce his wife, Melania Trump. Finally, Melania’s keynote was a strong testament to her husband’s character and passion for his family and our country.

If you missed anything from Day 1, you can catch all the moments here.

Below are some of our favorite photos from Day One! 

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus brought down the gavel to open Night One of Convention. (Photo Credit: Grant Miller)

Willie Robertson donned his signature bandana while addressing the crowd. (Photo Credit: Grant Miller)

Mark Geist & John Tiegen, Benghazi Security Team Members, spoke about the attack. (Photo Credit: Grant Miller)

Rep. Sean Duffy and his wife Rachel Campos-Duffy waved to the crowd. (Photo Credit: Grant Miller)

Donald Trump rocked the arena with his entrance to introduce his wife Melania. (Photo Credit: Grant Miller)

Melania Trump waves to the crowd after her remarks. (Photo Credit: Grant Miller)

Rudy Giuliani passionately advocated for law enforcement. (Photo Credit: Grant Miller)

Gen. Flynn (Ret) spoke about increasing our national security. (Photo Credit: Grant Miller)

​Joni Ernst took the stage take a strong stand for our veterans. (Photo Credit: Grant Miller)

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