RNC Response To Biden's Community College Address

RNC Communications - April 7, 2014

With Vice President Joe Biden delivering remarks at the American Association of Community Colleges, the Republican National Committee is reminding Americans that across the country, ObamaCare is hurting community colleges. 

Below is some research and statement from the Republican National Committee: 

“ObamaCare is literally crushing community colleges across the country.  As colleges cut hours for professors as a result of ObamaCare’s employer mandate, it’s students who will pay the price for the disastrous policies of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress.” Jahan Wilcox, RNC Spokesman 


In Colorado, Due To ObamaCare, Colorado Mountain College Has Announced That It Will Limit The Hours Of Its 600 Part-Time Professors To Less Than 30 Hours A Week.
“Starting next year the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will require that large employers offer insurance to any worker putting in more than 30 hours per week. But the 600 part-time professors at Colorado Mountain College won’t be among those who benefit from the change.” (Nelson Harvey, “College Limits Part-Time Staff’s Hours To Avoid ObamaCare Costs,” Aspen Daily News, 3/17/14)

In Florida, Two Of The Largest Community Colleges In The Tampa Bay Area Are Cutting The Hours Of Adjunct Professors.  “The area's two premiere public colleges are among a growing number cutting the hours of adjunct faculty members to keep them from qualifying for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama's initiative to get more Americans insured.  Hillsborough Community College and St. Petersburg College officials say there's nothing insidious about the strategy - that instead, it's an economic necessity in an environment where elevating their largely part-time faculties to health-benefit status could cost millions of dollars they don't have.”  (Jerome Stockfish, “St. Pete College, HCC Cut Adjuncts' Hours Over Health Care,” Tampa Tribune, 07/13/13)     

In Maryland, Community Colleges Are Cutting Professors’ Hours To Avoid ObamaCare.  “As the federal health reform known as Obamacare takes hold, many community colleges in Maryland and across the country are capping the hours of adjunct faculty — who make up the bulk of their teaching force — to avoid paying for the instructors' health insurance.  The limits put the adjunct teachers on the leading edge of fallout from the Affordable Care Act, whose critics predict that a range of employers will increasingly rely on part-timers to sidestep insurance requirements that go into effect in 2015.”  (Tricia Bishop, “Community Colleges Cut Adjunct Hours To Avoid ObamCare,” The Baltimore Sun, 10/27/13)

In Ohio, Several Community Colleges Are Limiting The Hours For Their Professors.  “Several colleges, universities, towns and townships in Ohio are already limiting part-time employee hours well in advance of the Affordable Care Act's part-time worker provisions, according to interviews conducted by The Plain Dealer.”  (Steve Koff, “Obamacare's Part-Timer Consequence: Limited Work Hours At Colleges, Municipalities,” The Cleveland Plain Dealer, 04/07/14)    

In Pennsylvania, The Allegheny Community College Will Reduce Professors’ Hours To Comply With ObamaCare.  “Community College Of Allegheny County will cut the hours for some instructors to avoid paying for their health insurance coverage under new Affordable Care Act rules.”  (“CCAC Cuts Adjuncts' Hours To Avoid Obamacare Requirements,” The Huffington Post, 11/20/12)

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