RNC Statement on June Jobs Report

Reince Priebus - July 3, 2014

WASHINGTON – RNC Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on today’s jobs report:

 “We’re glad to see some Americans found work last month, but we can’t rest until jobs are easy to find. That’s why Republicans have passed dozens of jobs bills in the House of Representatives. Sadly, Democrats in Washington, DC, have other priorities. The most recent GDP numbers not only revealed that the economy slowed down in the first quarter; they also showed that Democrat policies are wrong for the economy.
“Once again, the monthly jobs report reminds us that there are far too many of our friends and neighbors out of work. And the unemployment rate doesn’t even reflect the millions of Americans who have given up on finding a job. As we head into the Independence Day weekend, it’s disappointing to realize that millions of our fellow Americans think the American Dream is slipping away because they can’t find good jobs in the Obama economy.
“Americans should tell the president there’s something he can do right now to create jobs. And it would actually be constitutional! He can tell Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate to pass the dozens of jobs bills from the Republican-led House. Republicans have written and passed bill after bill after bill to create jobs, but Harry Reid’s too busy following the orders of radical environmentalists like Tom Steyer to help out working class Americans.
“The facts show that Republican economic policies put people back to work. A recent report found that the top five states for business are all run by Republican governors. We need a Republican majority in the Senate so we can get job-creating legislation to the president’s desk and job-killing policies like ObamaCare out of the way of American workers.” 


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