RNC statement on McAuliffe's continued involvement w/ GreenTech

Reince Priebus - September 23, 2013

More bad news for the McAuliffe campaign with yesterday’s front page story in the Washington Post revealing his continued involvement at GreenTech despite months of public statements to the contrary. See the Washington Post story and statement from Chairman Priebus below:

Statement from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus: “For months Terry McAuliffe has been telling the media and the public he was no longer involved with his scandal-plagued car company GreenTech Automotive, but we now know that to be untrue. As The Washington Post revealed yesterday, not only is McAuliffe still involved at GreenTech, but the company is using his continued presence to pitch investors and promote its brand. By getting caught in such a shameless attempt to mislead voters, Terry McAuliffe has completely destroyed what little credibility he had left in this campaign.”

From the Washington Post:

But in April, McAuliffe sought to distance himself from GreenTech. He issued a surprise statement saying that he had resigned as chairman that previous December — an announcement that came amid growing questions about GreenTech’s ambitious promises and its conduct in soliciting investors through a special visa program. Nevertheless, the company’s confidential March memo implies to investors that he would remain involved. Were McAuliffe to win his race for governor, the memo says, he would “resign all positions with [GreenTech] and appoint a representative to vote his shares.” McAuliffe’s campaign declined to make him available for an interview.

Read the full article here.


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