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RNC Statement On Nancy Pelosi’s Contentious Re-Election

- November 30, 2016

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Co-Chair Sharon Day released the following statement on Nancy Pelosi’s tumultuous re-election as House Minority Leader:

“This year voters went to the polls and made a bold statement for change in Washington but House Democrats just doubled down on the status quo. The American people have been trying to send the Democrat Party a message by selecting historic numbers of Republicans for office at nearly every level of government but Nancy Pelosi’s re-election shows Democrats aren’t listening. Despite Nancy Pelosi keeping her caucus firmly in the minority for six years, Democrats inexplicably keep rewarding her track record of failed leadership with successive terms as House Minority Leader. The fact that Tim Ryan was able to peel off over 60 Democrats in his campaign for Minority Leader reveals Democrats have no unified vision for our country and are content to once again entrust leadership to someone who has led their party into total irrelevance in the House. Voters have repeatedly rejected Pelosi's liberal agenda of higher taxes, weak border enforcement, and government-run healthcare, yet out-of-touch congressional Democrats have chosen to side with Washington insiders to pursue more of the same. While House Democrats fight over who will be their prime defender of extreme policies that don’t work for American families, House Republicans led by Speaker Ryan are offering a better way forward and will help turn President-elect Donald Trump's agenda into legislative reality.”



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