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RNC Statement on Rep. Markey’s Shameful Attack Ad

- May 7, 2013

Chairman Priebus Calls on Markey to Renounce Dishonorable Attack

WASHINGTON – Today RNC Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement calling on Congressman Ed Markey to renounce his despicable attack ad on candidate Gabriel Gomez:

“Ed Markey’s first post-primary ad against Gabriel Gomez is as bizarre as it is offensive. It’s unconscionable that he’d juxtapose a picture of Osama bin Laden with that of Gabriel, a Navy SEAL who has served his country honorably. It’s a sign of his true political desperation,” said Chairman Reince Priebus.

“Gabriel Gomez has said our country is better than its politics. Massachusetts is certainly better than Ed Markey’s politics. That this was his first post-primary ad shows what his real priority is: denigrating his opponent with malicious attacks. Congressman Markey has been a creature of Washington politics for over three and half decades, yet he apparently can’t come up with any new ideas or tout any real accomplishments.

“As Medal of Honor Recipient and Massachusetts resident Thomas Hudner rightly said, ‘This dishonorable political attack is beneath the dignity of the office for which Congressman Ed Markey is running.’

“Massachusetts needs fresh, positive, forward-looking leadership. That’s exactly what Gabriel Gomez will bring to Washington. He’ll be a commonsense legislator, who will put the interests of the Bay State before his own.

“Ed Markey’s desperation is palpable. It’s time for him to take down this shameful ad immediately.”


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