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RNC Statement on the March Jobs Report

- April 5, 2013


WASHINGTON - Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on the March jobs report:

"With only 88,000 jobs added and over five times as many Americans dropping out of the labor force, Americans have a lot of lingering questions:

“What exactly was the president doing in the last month to create jobs as the economy sputtered along? Why did he flit off to San Francisco this week to fundraise on Billionaire’s Row instead of sending a budget to Congress? Why is adding money to Nancy Pelosi’s campaign coffers more important than adding jobs to the economy?

“Why did President Obama spend the last three months giving speeches and interviews? Does he think talking about a problem is the same as fixing a problem? How many bills did he send to Congress in that time?

“Why won’t Washington Democrats learn from Republican governors? Is it a coincidence that Americans are fleeing tax-and-spend states like California for states that spend money responsibly? Could it be that lower taxes and less government intrusion translate to more jobs and more take-home pay?

“Why don’t liberals admit their big government programs are straining Americans’ budgets? Why are they sticking young people with higher insurance costs through Obamacare? Why won’t they work with Republicans to strengthen Medicare and Medicaid?

“And why do Democrats refuse to balance the budget? Has no one told them that one person’s share of the national debt now exceeds $54,400? Why don’t they recognize that the skyrocketing debt is a roadblock to job creation? Does President Obama actually think giving $20,000 of his salary back to the Treasury will solve anything?

“Are the president and his fellow Democrats out-of-touch--or just not serious about doing their jobs?”


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