RNC Statement on the Special Election in Florida’s 13th Congressional District

RNC Communications - March 12, 2014

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chairman Sharon Day released the following statement on the special election in Florida’s 13th Congressional District:

"Congratulations to David Jolly on his victory, and congratulations to the people of Pinellas County on selecting a leader who will fight for good jobs and quality healthcare and against Democrats’ efforts to rob Medicare Advantage to pay for ObamaCare,” said Chairman Priebus.

“Despite being heavily outspent by Democrats, David won in a district that President Obama carried in the 2012 election. His victory shows that voters are looking for representatives who will fight to end the disaster of ObamaCare, to get Washington to spend our money responsibly, and to put power in the hands of families and individuals. In November, voters all across the country will have the chance to send the same message that Pinellas County voters have sent: Democrats’ policies are not working for America.
“Working hand in hand with the National Republican Congressional Committee and Florida Republican Party, we were able to give the campaign necessary resources to win a close election. Our staff on the ground helped train and equip our precinct captains and volunteers with a new suite of data-driven tools that helped identify and message voters.”

“I want to extend my congratulations to my fellow Floridian, Congressman-elect David Jolly,” said Co-Chairman Day. “The voters of Pinellas County will be represented in Congress by a leader who understands what it takes to create jobs and knows that ObamaCare is hurting families across Florida and the country. Democrats did everything they could to win this seat, but it was impossible for them to overcome the unpopularity of the Democrats’ misguided, out-of-touch agenda.”

  • The RNC worked hand in hand with the NRCC, Jolly campaign and Republican Party of Florida to provide resources to allow them to spend money elsewhere;
  • Our focus was on our new precinct organizing structure and a new suite of data driven tools that helped identify and message voters in an extremely close election;
  • We successfully implemented our new political model that we are replicating across the country to win in 2014;
  • We had field staff on the ground who built relationships and recruited precinct leaders and campaign volunteers across the district;
  • These boots on the ground used the RNC’s OneData voter file and a suite of new data tools including:
  • A new canvassing app to gather data;
  • A new voter scoring tool to find the right voters. These reports were particularly helpful in identifying early and absentee voters in a heavy early vote district;
  • Scripts and Universes for phone and door contacts;
  • Our API that allowed data sharing in real time;
  • In a heavy Absentee and Early Vote district we helped with a paid AB/EV campaign, email targeting and targeted Facebook posts;
  • The NRCC and Jolly campaign used our new control panel tool to monitor what was going on on the ground and where to send resources;
  • RNC co-chair Sharon Day held a volunteer rally and campaigned for Jolly.

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