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RNC Communications - November 12, 2013

Hi all, wanted to send a quick update after a busy day. Today we launched our second round of “I’m ObamaCare” ads targeting young voters, Bill Clinton said Obama should keep his “keep your plan” promise, the White House is lowering expectations for enrollment numbers and it’s clearer by the day that ObamaCare is going to be a liability for Democrats in 2014.

Chairman Priebus hosted a black business roundtable in Detroit today where he announced our State Director of African American Engagement as well as our Michigan Black Advisory Council. Tomorrow he will be in New Orleans to advocate for school choice in the wake of the DOJ announcement that they are suing Louisiana over their program that helps disadvantaged students escape struggling schools. See details below:

  • New “I’m ObamaCare” Ads Targeting Young Americans: We’ll be doing YouTube ads in college towns across the country, targeting ESPN, Comedy Central and other YouTube channels where young Americans frequent. We also have a shorter Vine version of the “Whatever” ad that will be promoted on Twitter. Watch the ads:

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus hosted a roundtable discussion with black business and community leaders in Detroit, Michigan to discuss solutions that would revitalize our urban centers. While in Detroit Chairman Priebus announced the hiring of Wayne Bradley, State Director of African-American Engagement and the unveiling of the Michigan Black Advisory Council. Together they will oversee the RNC’s implementation of the Growth & Opportunity initiative and build relationships throughout Michigan.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, Louisiana State Senator Elbert Guillory and Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere will visit a New Orleans school to advocate for school choice and highlight success stories among students, parents, and educators in Louisiana. A media availability will occur following the Chairman’s visit.

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