Rosario Marin: Furloughs Were Unnecessary Pain, Nonsense

RNC Communications - May 1, 2013

Sometimes I cannot help but wonder out loud, just precisely what were they thinking. I am talking about last week’s almost comical, if it was not so painful, air traffic controller furloughs at the FAA, which created more than 1,000 flight delays.

The purposeful if mindless furloughs were designed to create so much havoc that the American public would have no choice but to support this president and the Democrats’ desire to increase taxes. Problem is it backfired so fast and so strongly that the White House had no choice but to stop the nonsense.

The sequestration cuts were to be so unsavory that it should have forced the Senate and the House to reach a budget agreement, but that agreement was never reached. Hence sequestration took place. One would have thought that since that agreement failed and the cuts had to be implemented, that the president would have demanded the leeway to reach the cuts in the most creative way without inflicting so much pain on the American public.

The White House could have very well given the FAA the flexibility to make the sequester cuts according to their best judgment. But that was not to be. Instead the White House insisted on furloughs of air traffic controllers knowing full well the damage it would cause. That's exactly what they wanted, to make it so difficult and so painful that the public would revolt. And revolt they did, just not in the way the White House anticipated.

Problem is that President Obama had gone on record too many times saying he would not accept any measure that attempted to turn off part of the sequester. In other words, the across- the-board sequester cuts would have to be done exactly the way the legislation intended, thereby robbing from the administrators across the government the ability to make the cuts in a more thoughtful, less painful, and smarter way.

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