Running Scared From ObamaCare

- July 18, 2013

"The House Voted Wednesday To Delay The ObamaCare Employer Mandate, Defying A White House Veto Threat And Winning Over Dozens Of Democrats." (Pete Kasperowicz, "House Defies Veto Threat, Votes To Delay ObamaCare Mandates," The Hill, 7/17/13)

The Bipartisan Coalition Who Voted To Delay ObamaCare's Mandates For Both Businesses And Individuals Included Moderate Democrats And 2014 "Frontliners." "The bills won 35 and 22 Democratic votes, respectively, culling primarily from the caucus's moderates, fiscally conservative Blue Dogs, pro-business New Democrats and a handful of 2014 'frontliners.'" (Emma Dumain, "Health Mandate Votes Divide Democrats," Roll Call's GOPPERS, 7/17/13)

  • A Majority Of "Yes" Votes Came From Democrat Freshmen. "The majority of Democratic 'yes' votes on both pieces of legislation came from freshmen, who have not yet had a chance to forge a legislative record on Obamacare." (Emma Dumain, "Health Mandate Votes Divide Democrats," Roll Call's GOPPERS, 7/17/13)
  • 13 Democrats Voted To Protect Big Businesses From ObamaCare's Mandates, But Not Middle-Class Families. "The vote on the employer mandate delay passed 264-161. Thirty-five Democrats joined 229 Republicans in support for the bill. … The vote to delay the individual mandate passed 251-174. Twenty-two Democrats supported the effort in addition to 229 Republicans." (John Parkinson, "House Votes To Delay Employer And Individual Mandates By One Year," ABC News, 7/17/13)


The Next Six Months Of ObamaCare Implementation Will Be "Really Bumpy" For Democrats And All Americans

National Journal Headline: "White House Has Known For Months ObamaCare Implementation Wouldn't Work." (Margot Sanger-Katz, "White House Has Known For Months ObamaCare Implementation Wouldn't Work," National Journal , 7/9/13)

Gary Cohen, Deputy Administrator And Director Of The CCIIO Said That The ObamaCare Exchange Rollouts "Will Be Messy." "Gary Cohen, deputy administrator and director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, told a friendly audience at the Brookings Institution that the early kinks in ObamaCare should eventually even out, but that the beginning will be messy." (Paul Bedard, "Top ObamaCare Official Sees Problems, Would Be 'Surprised' If It Starts Well," Washington Examiner , 6/25/13)

CBS' Bill Plante: White House Officials Privately Admit "That The Next Six Months Leading Up To The Full Implementation Of The President's Law Are Going To Be Really Bumpy." PLANTE: But his appearance today comes at a difficult political time for the overall health of the healthcare law, the president is going to be talking about the benefits of the new law every few weeks, but privately, White House officials admit that the next six months leading up to the full implementation of the president's law are going to be 'really bumpy.' And they're hearing it even from their political allies. One senior official said, "we know our friends say we have problems, so we use the president to talk up the positive." ( CBS News, 7/18/13)

Democrats Are Now Trying To Save Themselves In The 2014 Midterms

ObamaCare Will "Spell Another Round Of Political Trouble For Many Democrats." "O-B-A-M-A-C-A-R-E, the president's signature first-term legislative achievement, may spell another round of political trouble for many Democrats, who have some new explaining to do, thanks to the White House." (Alexis Simendinger, "ACA Delay May Hurt, Not Help, Dems In 2014," Real Clear Politics , 7/7/13)

Democrats' Prospects In The House "Will Be All But Impossible If The Implementation Of ObamaCare Is Rocky." "To win back the House, Democrats must pick up 17 seats. That will be all but impossible if the implementation of ObamaCare is rocky." (Elise Viebeck, "Botched ObamaCare Rollout Tops Democratic Fears For 2014 Election," The Hill's Health Watch, 5/1/13)

Democrats Have Already Been Worried That ObamaCare Would "Crush Their Hopes Of Big Gains In The Midterms." "Democrats are fretting that ObamaCare is going to crush their hopes of big gains in the midterm elections, just like it cost them the house in 2010. And as bad-news headlines and big-time dips in the polls pile up, the signs of anxiety are starting to show." (David Nather and Darren Samuelsohn, "Democrats Fret Over ObamaCare As 2014 Looms," Politico , 4/30/13)

"There's Plenty Of Evidence Piling Up To Believe Health Care Will Be A Political Millstone For Democrats In 2014." "In the face of intraparty criticism that implementation of his health care law will be a 'train wreck,' new polls showing support for the law near all-time lows, and even the Democratic nominee in next week's House special election calling the law 'extremely problematic'- there's plenty of evidence piling up to believe health care will be a political millstone for Democrats in 2014." (Josh Kraushaar, "Obama's Legacy: "A Health Care Law That Hurts His Party," National Journal , 5/2/13)

Politico's Jim VandeHei: "I Think There's A Lot Of Democrats That Are Very Worried." JIM VANDEHEI: "There's a new poll out this morning by the Kaiser Foundation that shows that support for the Obama health care law has dropped eight points. It's now at about 34% and you saw in the debate last night, Colbert Busch where she was even distancing herself from the Obama health care law. I think there's a lot of Democrats that are very worried that the implementation has been very difficult, has been unpopular, particularly for small business owners and that it could be very problematic for them in off-year elections, much like it was by the way in 2010." (MSNBC's " Morning Joe," 4/30/13)

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