Say What ?!? Kaine Claims Foundation Already Stopped Taking Foreign/Corporate $$

- September 6, 2016

Today, Clinton's VP Pick Tim Kaine Falsely Asserted That The Foundation No Longer Takes Money From Corporations Or Foreign Governments. REPORTER: "With the questions on the Clinton Foundation, I know they said they are not going to foreign donations if she is elected president, but if you have been to a wedding when they yell 'last call' in 15 minutes, everyone runs to the bar. Should we just get out in front of this right now and say not going to take any…" VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE TIM KAINE: "Well I think it's now, foreign donations, as of now, and then as a President, President Clinton will step aside from his connection with the Foundation. So she is taking one step forward right now, the Foundation is, taking one step forward right now by saying there some, there's no corporations, no foreign connected contributions taken right now, and then if we are successful and are elected, President Clinton will sever the tie with the foundation he created." (NewsNet5, 9/6/16)

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But Last Month's Announcement About Changes To Foundation Fundraising Lead With "If She Is Elected…"

Bill Clinton Announced It Would No Longer Accept Foreign Or Corporate Donations "If She Is Elected…" "If she is elected, we will immediately implement the following changes: The Foundation will accept contributions only from U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and U.S.-based independent foundations, whose names we will continue to make public on a quarterly basis. And we will change the official name from the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation to the Clinton Foundation." (Bill Clinton, "Empowering People To Build Better Futures For Themselves, Their Families, And Their Communities," Clinton Foundation , 8/22/16)

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