Sebelius Takes ObamaCare Baggage To Nevada

- August 10, 2016


Today, Former Health And Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Will Be In Nevada Promoting Hillary Clinton's Candidacy For President. (Riley Snyder, Twitter, 8/9/16)

(Riley Snyder, Twitter, 8/9/16)

Sebelius Was Is Charge Of The Disastrous And "Botched" Rollout Of ObamaCare

TIME Headline: "Sebelius Resigns After Botched Obamacare Rollout." (Zeke Miller, "Sebelius Resigns After Botched Obamacare Rollout," TIME , 4/10/14)


Nevada Health Care Premiums Are Set To Rise In 2017

Nevada Health Insurers Have Requested A 15 Percent Average Premium Increase For 2017. (Charles Gaba, "UPDATE: 2017 Rate Request Early Look: Nevada,", 6/3/16)

  • Health Plan Of Nevada, UnitedHealthcare's HMO, Has Requested A 10.4 Percent Increase For 2017, Impacting 50,564 Nevada Residents. (Louise Norris, Nevada Health Insurance Exchange / Marketplace,", 6/17/16)
  • Prominence Has Requested A 17.51 Percent Increase For 2017, Impacting 10,977 Nevada Residents. (Louise Norris, Nevada Health Insurance Exchange / Marketplace,", 6/17/16)
  • Anthem BCBS Has Requested A 8.58 Percent Premium Increase For 2017, Impacting 9,667 Nevada Residents. (Louise Norris, Nevada Health Insurance Exchange / Marketplace,", 6/17/16)

When Only Considering Plans That Offer Coverage On The Exchange, The Average Premium Increase Request Is 11.7 Percent. " But if we only consider the four plans that offer coverage in the exchange, the weighted average proposed rate increase across their entire membership (on and off-exchange, since they're combined in unified risk pools) is 11.7 percent." (Louise Norris, Nevada Health Insurance Exchange / Marketplace,", 6/17/16)

In 2016, Insurance Premiums Rose An Average Of 8.1 Percent In Nevada

In 2016, Health Insurance Premiums Rose 8.1 Percent In Nevada. ("2016 Marketplace Affordability Snapshot," Center For Medicare And Medicaid Services , 10/26/15)

  • In 2016, Health Insurance Premiums Rose 10.1 Percent In Las Vegas. (Cynthia Cox, Selena Gonzales, Rabah Kamal, Gary Claxton, and Larry Levitt, "Analysis Of 2016 Premium Changes In The Affordable Care Act's Health Insurance Marketplaces," Kaiser Family Foundation , 10/26/15)

In 2016, The Average Deductible Rose $268 In Nevada

In 2016, Health Insurance Deductibles Rose An Average Of $268 In Nevada. ("2016 Obamacare Deductible Increase Tracker," Freedom Partners, 3/2/16)

Nevada's ObamaCare Created State Co-Op, Once "Regarded As Best Poised To Succeed," Was Forced To Close

Nevada's Co-Op, Once Considered A "Top-Tier" Co-Op, Folded Due To Financial Instability. "Amid this increased monitoring, one co-op has folded, stranding its members, and four others are preparing to close in late December. They include the Nevada Health Co-Op, which was initially among a top tier that federal officials had regarded as best poised to succeed." (Amy Goldstein, "Financial Health Shaky At Many ObamaCare Insurance Co-Ops," The Washington Post , 10/10/15)

ObamaCare's 'Cadillac Tax' Is Highly Unpopular With Nevada Unions, Forcing Clinton To Pander

Las Vegas Sun Headline: "Nevada AFL-CIO Condemns ObamaCare." (Andrew Doughman, "Nevada AFL-CIO Condemns ObamaCare,"Las Vegas Sun, 8/21/13)

"Unions Have Been Among The Most Vocal Opponents Of The Cadillac Tax." "Unions have been among the most vocal opponents of the Cadillac tax, as they have traditionally used substantial benefits packages to attract members. But Klein's group, the Alliance to Fight the 40-which counts unions, insurance companies, an American Cancer Society affiliate, and county governments among its members-claims every American covered by employer-sponsored insurance, roughly 175 million people, are 'at risk,' because of the inflation indexing." (Nora Kelly, "How Many Workers Will The Cadillac Tax Hit?" The Atlantic, 1/28/16)

Under Pressure From Unions, Clinton Was Forced To Break From President Obama And Call For The Cadillac Tax To Be Repealed. "Just as a dislike of the Cadillac tax is widespread outside Washington-joining, for example, unions and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in the same unlikely fight-Congress, too, opposes the tax on a broad bipartisan basis. In a symbolic, but illustrative, vote last month, the Senate voted 90 to 10 to get rid of it. And lawmakers, led by top Democratic leaders, discussed postponing or revoking the tax during the omnibus budget negotiations. Ultimately, they managed to include a two-year delay in the tax's implementation, from 2018 to 2020, in the omnibus. The White House isn't even holding as hard a line on the tax as it did just weeks before the president signed off on the omnibus. Administration officials suggested "tweaks," some of which survived negotiations that make the tax more palatable. Calls to scrap the tax have been heard on the campaign trail as well: All three Democratic candidates oppose it, and Senator Bernie Sanders cosponsored legislation to repeal it." (Nora Kelly, "How Many Workers Will The Cadillac Tax Hit?" The Atlantic, 1/28/16)

Despite Skyrocketing Premiums And Rolling ObamaCare Failures, Clinton Continues To Tout Her Role In Creating The Law

Clinton: "Before It Was Called ObamaCare, It Was Called HillaryCare, As You Remember." CLINTON: "Before it was called ObamaCare, it was called HillaryCare, as you remember. I fought really hard. The insurance companies and the drug companies spent millions against me." (Hillary Clinton, CNN Democratic Presidential Town Hall, 3/4/16)

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Sebelius Likes To Boast That Clinton Would "Step On The Gas" When It Comes To ObamaCare Implementation

When Discussing Implementation Of ObamaCare, Kathleen Sebelius Said Hillary Clinton Would "Step On The Gas" . HOST: "Locked in by 2016, you mean rules and regs? Are you worried that Hillary will reverse it?" FORMER SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES KATHLEEN SEBELIUS: "My guess is that she will step on the gas." (Kathleen Sebelius, Aspen Ideas Festival, Colorado, 6/14)

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