SOTU: What They Are Saying

- January 31, 2018

"Powerful," "Great" And "Incredible" Are Just Some Of The Positive Words Being Used To Describe President Trump's First State Of The Union Address



  • Last night, President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress.
  • The address has been well-received by both Democrats and Republicans, and touched on several areas of policy where there is agreement or room for compromise.
  • Pundits and commentators have praised both the content and delivery of the address.
  • A CBS News poll found seventy-five percent of Americans approve of the address.
  • A look at the headlines:
    • The New York Times: "Trump Issues Appeal For Unity In First State Of The Union"
    • USA Today: "Trump State Of The Union: 'There Has Never Been A Better Time To Start Living The American Dream'"
    • McClatchy: "Trump Warns Of Immigration Dangers, Urges Lawmakers To Set Aside Their Differences"
  • Meanwhile, many Democrats behaved poorly throughout the address from beginning to end by refusing to shake the President's hand, booing, refusing to stand, withholding applause from honored guests, and even walking out (but at least they didn't drool).


President Trump Has Garnered Widespread Praise For His First State Of The Union Address

President Trump's State Of The Union Address Received 110 Rounds Of Applause And More Than 70 Standing Ovations. "President Trump received more than 110 rounds of applause and more than 70 standing ovations at #SOTU. (CBS This Morning, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

ABC's Tara Palmeri Noted President Trump Made It "Difficult For Dems To Stay Seated With His Broad-Stroke Patriotic Comments." " Trump making it difficult for Dems to stay seated with his broad-stroke patriotic comments. #SOTU" (Tara Palmeri, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

CNN's Chris Cillizza Called President Trump's Recognition Of Seong-Ho An "Amazing Moment." "Amazing moment." (Chris Cillizza, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

CNN's Wolf Blitzer Called The Speech "Very Strong" And CNN's Jake Tapper Noted The Speech Included "Inspirational Stories" And "Beautiful Prose." CNN's Wolf Blitzer: "The president of the United States speaking for about an hour and twenty minutes, a lengthy speech, a very strong speech Jake he said he wanted to unify the country with this speech. Did he succeed did he accomplish that mission?" CNN's JAKE TAPPER: "Lets aside for a second the parts of the speech everyone in the world likes: the inspirational stories of Americans, and the calls to unity, and the beautiful prose." (CNN's Wolf , 1/30/18)

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Fox News' Ed Henry Called President Trump's Recognition Of Families Who Lost Loved Ones To MS-13 "An Incredible Emotional Moment." "Such an incredibly emotional moment as @realDonaldTrump honors grieving families who lost daughters to #MS13." (Ed Henry, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Fox News' John Roberts Called President Trump's Speech "Very Powerful" And "Very Patriotic." "There were obvious policy differences between political stripes - but on balance, the text of @realDonaldTrump SOTU speech was very powerful - very patriotic." (John Roberts, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Fox Business Network Panelists Praised President Trump's State Of The Union As An "Incredible Speech" And Claimed Its Content Was "Beautifully Woven Together." FOX BUSINESS NEWS NETWORK'S NEIL CAVUTO: "Again for my money, an incredible speech. Whether you support all of his positions or even like him, I've never seen anything like it. Trish Regan incorporating all of the stories in and of itself. We see Presidents do this of course Ronald Reagan made it popular but this was that on steroids and I mean by that, good steroids." FOX BUSINESS NEWS NETWORK'S TRISH REGAN: "Yeah, beautifully woven together and I think what's important here, is it didn't feel perfunctory. I mean there was something emotional surrounding each and everyone in terms of their stories but also within the themes. I mean you think about the little boy who noticed that there weren't flags on veterans' gravestones and decided to do something about it." CAVUTO: "Twelve years old, twelve years old." REGAN: "But it demonstrated also -- because he was talking about it within the context of patriotism and pride in our country. And here was this 12-year-old who was able to do something about it. I thought it was an exceptional speech, beautifully written and importantly beautifully delivered. He didn't rush. He took moments where you needed to take them." CAVUTO: "Exactly." REGAN: "He let it breathe and he let all of the viewers and everyone watching and everyone there in the house chamber tonight really feel I think the emotion of the moment and it was truly exceptional, very very -- regardless of what you think about." (Fox Business Network's " Fox Business Live ," 1/30/18)

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NBC News' Savannah Guthrie Called President Trump's State Of The Union Address "Optimistic," "Bright," And "Positive." NBC's SAVANNAH GUTHRIE: "I thought in terms of its tone, the President did what he said he was going to do. It was optimistic, it was bright, it was conciliatory. In terms of its substance, I don't know, when you look at some of the specifics on immigration, for example. I mean, he definitely led with the issues that come up with regard to crime, MS-13, it was heavy on that, he didn't get to the Dreamers until the end. But I mean the State of The Union, in terms of what he had to do, I think he did it. He set a tone and he was positive and he trumpeted the economy, and I think that's exactly what he wanted to do." (NBC News' " Live," 1/30/18)

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Frank Luntz Called President Trump's Speech "Exactly What People Want To Hear." "This speech is going to have a measurable impact on Trump's favorability and popularity. He's saying exactly what people want to hear. Whoever told @TheDemocrats to sit on their hands made a huge mistake. #SOTU" (Frank Luntz, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Michael Reagan Called President Trump's Speech "Great." "This is a great speech @POTUS" (Michael Reagan, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Glenn Beck Stated That President Trump's Pledge To Go After MS-13 Gang "May Be The Most Powerful SOTU Guest Moment Ever." "This Ms13 gang moment may be the most powerful SOTU guest moment ever. Wow." (Glenn Beck, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Washington Post's Paul Kane Noted That President Trump's Acknowledgement Of American Heroes At The Beginning Of The Speech "Set A Different Tone" From Other Presidents. "Key difference from Trump intro vs Obama/Bush/Clinton: tributes to American heroes used to come at very end of SOTU speech. Doing it right outta gate set a different tone." (Paul Kane, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Chairman And Editor-In-Chief Of Forbes Media, Steve Forbes Said The President's State Of The Union Address Was "Grand And Great" And Stated That The President "Repeatedly Hit Home Runs." "The president tonight was grand and great. He repeatedly hit home runs. But in sad contrast the Democrats were pitiable and contemptible. President Trump effectively captured how the country and the economy are responding to the rollback of regulations as well as the tax cuts he recently signed into law. There will be more good news to come as wages rise and investments-critical to a higher standard of living and better jobs-grow after a decade of stagnation. America is again gaining strength at home and abroad! Let us hope Democrats will now cease their bitter opposition and work together with the President and the GOP to get needed things done for the benefit of our country." (Press Release, "Reaction Statement To State Of The Union," Steve Forbes, 01/30/18)

Ken Blackwell Said He Believed President Trump's "Powerful" State Of The Union Address Contained A "Message Of Unity [That] Resonated With Americans" And That He Was "Optimistic For His Administration's Continued Success." "I applaud President Trump's powerful State of the Union address this evening. America has already felt the impact of the major domestic victories of Donald Trump's first year in office. Comprehensive tax reform and deregulation, directed by President Trump, have led to a booming stock market, a thriving economy and, in turn, more money in the pockets of Americans. Tonight, the President outlined how he will continue to move our country forward. He is leading the charge to secure our borders, rebuild our nation's roads and renegotiate decades of bad trade deals. I believe President Trump's promising message of unity resonated with Americans tonight and I am optimistic for his administration's continued success." (Ken Blackwell, Facebook Feed , 01/30/18)

Tony Perkins, President Of The Family Research Council, Said President Trump In His State Of The Union Speech "Cast A Winning Vision Of Unity" And That He Was "Advancing Policies Essential To Making America Good And Prosperous." "'President Trump turned his State of the Union Address into an American pep rally. Cheering the American people for helping one another overcome a year of natural and man-made tragedies, the president cast a winning vision of unity. This is a president who is deeply committed to doing something rare in American politics -- fulfilling campaign promises. In governing with courage and conviction, he is advancing policies essential to making America good and prosperous.'" (Press Release, Reaction Statement To State Of The Union, Tony Perkins , 01/30/18)

National Review's Jamie Weinstein Called President Trump's Speech "Very Good." "This is a very good SOTU." (Jamie Weinstein, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Praise For The Speech Is Rolling In From All Corners Of The Political Spectrum, As Democrats And Republicans Each Found Elements Of The Speech They Agreed On

Politico's Rachel Bade: President Trump's Speech Received "Bipartisan Applause" And A "Standing Ovation." "Bipartisan applause and standing O for Preston Sharp, a 12 year old who has put 40K American flags on veteran graves. #SOTU" (Rachael Bade, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Applauded When President Trump Discussed His Decision To Move The U.S. Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem. "Schumer stands for Trump on Jerusalem." (Ben Jacobs, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) Clapped As President Trump Discussed Lifting Americans Out Of Poverty. " .@BernieSanders clapping as Trump talks about lifting Americans out of poverty. #SOTU " (Kristina Wong, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) Tweeted During President Trump's State Of The Union That With "Every Success, The American People Are Safer, Stronger, And Can Be Even More Proud Of Living In The Greatest Country On Earth." (Kevin McCarthy, Twitter Feed , 01/30/18

Rep, Andy Biggs (R-AZ) Praised President Trump's Mention Of The Passage Of The VA Accountability Act. "@POTUS @realDonaldTrump mentions the passage of the VA Accountability Act. I was pleased to vote for this bill. The President will not stop fighting for our #veterans, and neither will I." (Rep. Andy Biggs, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-TX): President Trump's Tone Is "Serious" And "Reflective ." "President's tone is serious, reflective. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump #SOTU." (Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) Stood And Applauded As President Trump "Talk[ed] Of Getting 'Motor City' Revving Again." "Rep Debbie Dingell D-MI stands and applauds as the President talks of getting 'Motor City revving' again." (Jamie Dupree, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Democrats Cheered When President Trump Called For Paid Family Leave. "DEMS cheer when Trump calls for paid family leave!" (Scott Wong, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Democrats Gave President Trump "Huge Applause" When He Discussed The Importance Of Vocational Schools. "Wow. Huge applause and standing ovation for vocational schools--from both Dems and GOP." (Andy Smarick, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Viewers Overwhelmingly Approve Of President Trump's Speech

A CBS/YouGov Poll Found 75% Of Viewers Approved Of President Donald Trump's State Of The Union Speech. (Anthony Salvanto, Twitter Feed , 01/30/18)

Tonight's State Of The Union Address Was The Most Tweeted Presidential Speech To Congress

This Year's State Of The Union Was The Most Tweeted Presidential Speech To Congress. "Per @Twitter, this is now the most tweeted #SOTU or Joint Session address ever, exceeding last year's record of 3 million tweets." (Sahil Kapur, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

A Look At The Headlines Speaks Volumes About The Positive And Unifying Speech That Was Delivered

The Washington Post Headline : "Trump Calls For Unity, But Pushes GOP Agenda In State Of The Union Speech." (Karen Tumulty and Philip Rucker, "Trump Calls For Unity, But Pushes GOP Agenda In State Of The Union Speech," The Washington Post , 1/30/18)

USA Today Headline: "Trump State Of The Union: 'There Has Never Been A Better Time To Start Living The American Dream.'" (Gregory Korte and David Jackson, "Trump State Of The Union: 'There Has Never Been A Better Time To Start Living The American Dream,'" USA Today , 1/30/18)

The New York Times : President Trump Hailed The Success Of His First Year While Striking Notes Of "Unity And Inclusion." "Speaking to a joint session of Congress, Mr. Trump hailed what he called the 'extraordinary success' of his administration's first year, and sounded notes of unity and inclusion, steering clear of the nationalist rhetoric, political attacks and confrontational tone that have been his calling cards both as a candidate and a commander in chief." (Julue Hirschfeld and Michael D. Schear, "Trump Issues Appeal For Unity In First State Of The Union," The New York Times , 1/30/18)

  • President Trump "Drew Loud Applause" When He Said "'Faith And Family, Not Government And Bureaucracy' Are At The Center Of American Life." "The president drew loud applause by insisting that 'faith and family, not government and bureaucracy' are at the center of American life." (Julue Hirschfeld and Michael D. Schear, "Trump Issues Appeal For Unity In First State Of The Union," The New York Times , 1/30/18)

Washington Post: President Trump Set "An Ambitious Agenda." "The president set an ambitious agenda for his second year in office, from a $1.5 trillion plan to rebuild the nation's crumbling infrastructure to a four-pronged immigration package to a pledge to reduce the prices of prescription drugs." (Karen Tumulty and Philip Rucker, "Trump Calls For Unity, Pushes GOP Agenda In State Of The Union Speech," The Washington Post , 1/30/18)

Associated Press: President Trump "Called Upon Lawmakers" To "Summon Unity" And "To Make Good On Long-Standing Promises To Fix The Nation's Crumbling Infrastructure." "Addressing a deeply divided nation, President Donald Trump called upon lawmakers Tuesday night to 'summon the unity' to make good on long-standing promises to fix the nation's crumbling infrastructure and fractured immigration systems, infusing his presidency with a sense of optimism, for at least one high-profile night." ("Trump Pitches Immigration Overhaul To Divided Congress During First State Of The Union," The Associated Press , 1/30/18)

McClatchy Headline: "Trump Warns Of Immigration Dangers, Urges Lawmakers To Set Aside Their Differences." "President Donald Trump remained optimistic throughout his State of the Union address, in which he urged lawmakers to set aside their differences and strive for the unity needed to improve the nation's infrastructure and immigration systems and championed the American Dream." (Crystal Hill, "Trump Warns Of Immigration Dangers, Urges Lawmakers To Set Aside Their Differences," McClatchy , 1/30/18)

USA Today: President Trump Took A "Tough" Position On Criminal Gangs And The War On Terror. "But Trump also took a tough stance on criminal gangs and on the war on terror, using his speech to announce that he had just signed an executive order to 'reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities at Guantánamo Bay.'" (Gregory Korte and David Jackson, "Trump State Of The Union: 'There Has Never Been A Better Time To Start Living The American Dream,'" USA Today , 1/30/18)

Wall Street Journal : President Trump Called For Major, Bipartisan Deals On Infrastructure And Immigration. "President Donald Trump, in his first State of the Union address, called for major, bipartisan deals on infrastructure and immigration while reversing his predecessor's vow to close Guantanamo Bay prison facility for suspected terrorists." (Peter Nicholas, Louise Radnofsky, and Siobhan Hughes, "In State Of The Union, Trump Vows Optimism As More Fights Loom," The Wall Street Journal , 01/30/18)

  • President Trump In His State Of The Union Speech "Took A Tough Stance Towards North Korea And Terrorist Threats Overseas." "In a speech that was months in the making, Mr. Trump took a tough stance toward North Korea and terrorist threats overseas." (Peter Nicholas, Louise Radnofsky, and Siobhan Hughes, "In State Of The Union, Trump Vows Optimism As More Fights Loom," The Wall Street Journal , 01/30/18)


Democrats Avoided Shaking Hands With President Trump As He Entered The Chamber. "Democrats staying away from aisle as @POTUS shakes hands with GOP lawmakers #SOTU2018" (Richard Burr, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

  • DNC Co-Chair And Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) Remained Seated When President Trump Entered And Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) Was On Her Phone. "POTUS has entered the chamber for #SOTU almost everyone is standing to applaud him. Notably, Rep. Keith Ellison is one of a few who have remained seated. Sen. Tammy Duckworth is on her phone, not clapping, not looking at podium where POTUS is standing." (Yasmeen Sami Alamiri, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

One America News Network's Liz Wheeler: Democrats Did Not Applaud For Low African American Employment, Bonuses, 2.4 Million Jobs Created, American Flag, In God We Trust, National Anthem, Secured Border, Merit Based Immigration, Fighting Opioid Abuse, Capital In Jerusalem. (Liz Wheeler, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Politico's Jake Sherman: Pelosi And Hoyer Remained Seated When President Trump Called For Bipartisanship. " Even calls for bipartisanship by Trump have Pelosi and Hoyer seated. " (Jake Sherman, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Huffington Post's Sabrina Siddiqui: The Congressional Black Caucus Sat Silently As President Trump Touts Low African American Unemployment Rate. " As Trump touts low unemployment rate among African Americans, members of Congressional Black Caucus sit silently while Republicans give a standing ovation." (Sabrina Siddiqui. Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Washington Examiners' Sarah Westwood: Some Democrats Would Not Stand Or Clap When President Trump Said "We All Share The Same Home, The Same Heart, The Same Destiny, And The Same Great American Flag." " A number of Democrats declined to stand or even clap for this line: "We all share the same home, the same heart, the same destiny, and the same great American flag." #SOTU" (Sarah Westwood, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

House Democrats Would Not Clap Or Stand When President Trump Talked About A Path To Citizenship For Dreamers. " House Dems wouldn't even clap, let alone stand, when Trump talked about a path to citizenship for 1.8 million. #SOTU" (Rachael Bade, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Democrats Loudly Booed President Trump As He Talked About Restricting Chain Migration And Mentions Visa Lottery Recipient Who Committed Acts Of Terror. " Dem loudly boo Trump as he talks about restricting family-based chain migration, and mentions visa lottery recipients who committed acts of terror in the U.S. last year." (Gabby Morrongiello, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

A Democrat Audibly Said "What" As Trump Talks About Immigration Policy. "As Trump blamed terrorist attacks on 'visa lottery and chain migration,' one Democrat audibly said 'what?'" (Ben Jacobs, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

  • Leader Pelosi Had To Wave Her Arms And Shoosh Her Colleagues From Groaning At President Trump When He Talked About Ending Chain Migration. " At one point, Pelosi had to hold arms out in a shooshing-type motion to urge her side of the chamber to soften the groans when the president was talking about ending chain migration." (Billy House, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)
  • Senator Schumer "Shooshed" Joe Manchin Twice While Applauding President Trump. "It's absolutely hysterical to watch Joe Manchin applaud on Trump's various economy lines & Schumer look down the aisle and shoosh him. This has happened twice now." (Benny Johnson, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Democrats Booed President Trump As He Highlighted Parents Whose Children Were Killed By Illegal Immigrants. "Dems are legitimately booing as Trump turns to highlight the parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants in gangs #SOTU." (Sarah Westwood, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Leader Pelosi Looked "So Mad" When President Trump Praised The American People. "Man, Pelosi looks SO MAD, even when Trump is praising the American people." (Ellen L. Carmichael, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Townhall's Katie Pavlich: Democrats Do Not Applaud Jerusalem Embassy Move Even Though Most Of Them Voted For It. " Vast majority of Dems hold applause on Jerusalem move, even though many of them voted for it #SOTU" (Katie Pavlich, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Democrats Sat Through President Trump's Statement That "Terminal Patients Should Be Able To Try Life-Saving Treatments." "'Terminal patients should be able to try life-saving treatments!' And Democrats sit." (Ben Shapiro, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Nancy Pelosi Made A Sour Face When President Trump Called For Unity And Seeking Common Ground. (Chenue Her, Twitter Feed , 1/30/18)

Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) Walked Out Before The Conclusion Of The Speech When Chants Of "USA USA" Broke Out. "Democratic congressman Luis Gutierrez walked out of Donald Trump's State of the Union address when Republicans started chanting 'USA, USA'. The representative from Illinois was caught ducking out the chamber at the end of the president's speech while others around him applauded." (Forrest Hanson, "Democrat Luis Gutierrez Walks Out Of State Of The Union As Republicans Start Chanting USA And Says Whoever Translated Trump's Speech From Russian 'Did A Good Job,'" The Daily Mail , 1/31/18)

Fox News' Martha McCallum: Democrats "Scowled Through Most Of The Speech." FOX BUSINESS' MARTHA MCCALLUM: "The President saying the state of our union is strong because the people of our country are strong. He said together we are 'rediscovering the American way.' An interesting turn of phrase there early in the speech. It was clearly a message of America first in business, America first abroad, a compassionate America the President painted a picture of, but clearly a country that believes that that work starts at home. He took victory laps on the economy, he touted 200,000 manufacturing jobs, rising wages for the first time in a long time in America, tax reform, clearly something that brought smiles to the faces of Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House behind him has worked on it, really dedicated much of his adult life to that cause. Mitch McConnell, glad to have a win after the healthcare situation. He also talked about lowering regulations, unleashing the American economy. But the partisan divide in this was really evident throughout the entire speech. He talked about unity, but Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and company, they basically sat on their hands, they scowled through most of this speech tonight." (Fox News' " State Of The Union ," 1/30/18)

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