Taciturn Terry: Day 60

- June 17, 2013


In April, Ken Cuccinelli Released Eight Years Of His Full Tax Returns For Public Inspection. "Cuccinelli, 44, took the unusual step of opening up his tax records by allowing reporters to inspect eight years of returns Thursday, saying he wanted to "demonstrate a commitment to transparency and accountability." (Fredrick Kunkle, "Cuccinelli Releases 8 Years Of Tax Returns," Washington Post, 4/19/13)

Terry McAuliffe Refused To Follow Cuccinelli's Example And Only Released Summaries Of His Taxes For The Last Three Years. "Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's campaign released six pages of income tax summaries showing he paid nearly $4 million in taxes from 2009 through 2011, but omitted telling details of the filings…Campaign officials made only the first two pages of McAuliffe's federal returns available Tuesday evening." (Bob Lewis, "McAuliffe: No Tax Returns, 3 Years Of Summaries," Associated Press , 4/23/13)

Virginia Editorial Boards Have Called On McAuliffe To Meet Cuccinelli's Transparency Standard

Virginian-Pilot : McAuliffe's Disclosures Are "Entirely Inadequate" "McAuliffe, a former Clinton fundraiser, Democratic National Committee chairman and entrepreneur, responded this week with summaries of the past three years of his federal returns. They totaled six pages and were most notable for being entirely inadequate and for utterly failing to answer how he made more than $16.8 million since his last bid to be governor of Virginia." (Editorial, "McAuliffe Should Unveil Tax Records," Virginian-Pilot, 4/26/13)

  • "The Public … Deserves An Opportunity To See How A Gubernatorial Candidate Has Made A Living." (Editorial, "McAuliffe should unveil tax records," Virginian-Pilot, 4/26/13)

Daily News-Record : "If Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe Thinks He Can Sweep The Tax-Return Issue Off The Table Simply By Providing Six Pages - Three Years' Worth - Of Tax Summaries, He May Have Another Think Coming." (Editorial, "Let's See The Tax Returns," Daily News-Record, 4/26/13)

Don't Take Our Word For It -McAuliffe's Democrat Allies Have A History Of Calling For The Release Of Tax Returns

McAuliffe's Friend And Mentor Bill Clinton Called On Mitt Romney To Release His Tax Returns. "'Whatever it is, it couldn't be as bad as not doing it,' Clinton said in an interview on Thursday with CNN's Erin Burnett, adding that it's clear Romney fully complied with the law. 'I just can't figure out why he didn't do it. I think it's a mistake. He ought to do it.' (Lara Seligman, "Bill Clinton: Romney Making a 'Mistake' in Not Releasing Tax Returns," National Journal , 7/19/12)

Barack Obama: "I Think People Want To Know That Everybody's Been Playing By The Same Rules, Including People Who Are Seeking The Highest Office In The Land." "President Barack Obama, at a surprise news conference Monday, called on presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney to release more years of his tax returns, linking the disclosure to the debate over tax reform. "I think that is what the American people would rightly expect, is a sense that particularly when we're going to be having a huge debate about how we reform our tax code and how we pay for the government that we need, I think people want to know that everybody's been playing by the same rules, including people who are seeking the highest office in the land," Obama said." (Luke Johnson, Obama Calls On Mitt Romney To Release Tax Returns," Huffington Post, 8/20/12)

Harry Reid Said Refusal To Release Tax Returns Renders Someone Ineligible For "Dog Catcher." " REID: 'I really want to, as you say in the House, revise and extend my remarks I said yesterday. He not only couldn't be confirmed as a Cabinet secretary, he couldn't be confirmed as a dog catcher, because a dog catcher - you're at least going to want to look at his income tax returns.'" (Emily Schulteis, "Reid: Romney 'Couldn't Be Confirmed As A Dog Catcher'," Politico, 7/12/12)

Even Terry McAuliffe Used To Think Releasing Tax Returns Was Essential…

McAuliffe, On The Release Of Tax Returns In The 2012 Presidential Race: "By Not Putting It Out There, You're Letting Everybody's Imagination Run Wild." "MR. ORNSTEIN: Terry, if you were advising Governor Romney right now privately, would you tell him lance the boil, let all of these returns out, or would you -- (inaudible)? MR. MCAULIFFE: I think there's something to be said for getting -- it's now part of the narrative, and the biggest problem for Governor Romney is Republican leaders are coming out every day, like the governor of Alabama just came out the other day, Governor Barbour came out the other day -- release the taxes. So he's got to get it so that his own party is now saying there must be a problem. There aren't -- nobody knows anything; people are just speculating. I mean, the guesstimate would be, I mean, you know, he's been in business, and at the time tax shelters were legal, and maybe there's some things in there where he didn't pay taxes. He was legally entitled not to do it, but by not putting it out there, you're letting everybody's imagination run wild. His biggest problem are Republican governors now saying, release the documents. I would lance it." (Terry McAuliffe, "U.S. Global Leadership Coalition Campaign 2012," 7/17/12)

…But When It Comes To HIS Tax Returns, Transparency Is A "Trick."

McAuliffe Dismissed Calls For Him To Release Tax Returns To The Public As A "Trick." "ANCHOR: "Let's talk about your tax returns. You have not released them - made them public, but back in the November election you called on Mitt Romney to lance the boil, as it were, release his taxes. He didn't listen to you. How come you're not listening to you?" McAULIFFE: "First of all, we've put all of the documents out that -"ANCHOR: "You put a summary out, but you haven't released -" McAULIFFE: "Yeah, but you have to fill out a statement of financial condition which is what you are required to do. I've gone above what I am required to do when I am running for governor. This was a trick by Ken Cuccinelli…." (WUSA, 5/9/13)

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