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- March 1, 2013


Over The Next Two Weeks, McAuliffe Will Be Raising Money In The Two States Not Named Virginia In Which He Considered Running For Governor

March 2: McAuliffe Returns Home To Raise Money In Syracuse. "Syracuse native Terry McAuliffe plans to return to his hometown March 2 to watch a Syracuse University basketball game and raise some money for his campaign in the Virginia governor's race." (Mark Weiner, "Terry McAuliffe's Syracuse Friends Want To Help Him Become Governor Of Virginia, The Post-Standard [Syracuse, NY], 2/17/13)

March 5: McAuliffe Will Be Attending A Fundraiser In Florida, With Bill Clinton And John Morgan. "I'm hosting President Bill Clinton at my house March 5th to support @Terry_McAuliffe for Gov of Virginia…" (John Morgan, Twitter Feed, 2/26/13)

March 13: McAuliffe Will Be Attending A Fundraiser In Manhattan. "Another helpful reader -- and I appreciate every single one of you-- sent along an invite for a March 13 fundraiser for former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe that features former President Bill Clinton as headliner. Clinton's appearance is no surprise given McAuliffe's top roles in both Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential bid. Hedge fund billionaire Marc Lasry and his wife, Cathy, will host the event at their Manhattan home, along with co-hosts Doug and Lily Band." (Celeste Katz, "Terry McAuliffe To Raise For Virginia Governor's Race With Bill Clinton In NYC," New York Daily News' Daily Politics, 2/15/13)

McAuliffe Considered Running For Governor Of Florida And New York Before Choosing Virginia

Terry McAuliffe Once Considered Running For Governor Of Either Florida Or New York, Prior To Settling On Virginia. "Florida is one of a number of states that McAuliffe is rumored to at one time considered a run for Governor. The other is his native state of New York." (Ryan Nobles, "Gubernatorial Campaigns Plan Fundraisers With Big Names," NBC12's Decision Virginia, 2/27/13)

In May 2009, The New York Times Reported That There Was Speculation That McAuliffe Could Run For Governor In Virginia, New York, Or Florida. "When McAuliffe let it be known at the Democratic convention in Denver last August that he might run for governor, more than a few people were surprised. Yes, he grew up in a political family in Syracuse; his father, Jack, the treasurer of the Onondaga County Democratic Party, took him to political dinners, pressed him into service licking envelopes and introduced him to his first president when he was 7 and L.B.J. was campaigning at Syracuse University. And McAuliffe says elected office is something he has always thought about; indeed, there has been speculation over the years about his running for governor of three different states: Virginia, New York and Florida. But it is hardly typical for someone who has worked behind the throne to decide to run for office. It would be like David Axelrod announcing a run for mayor of Chicago." (Adam Nagourney, "Governor Clintonism," The New York Times, 5/10/09)

In 2005, McAuliffe's Spokesman Said He Was Intrigued By Running For Governor Of Florida, But He Didn't Meet The Residency Requirement. "McAuliffe gave his enemies serious ammunition in 2005, when his spokesman was asked about a report that he was mulling a run against then-Gov. Jeb Bush. The flack shot down the report, citing Florida's seven-year residency requirements - not McAuliffe's undying love for Virginia. 'He's incredibly flattered, but he will not be a candidate for '06,' DNC spokesman Tony Welch told The Miami Herald at the time. 'He's intrigued by the idea, but the residency requirement is what it is.'" (Glenn Thrush, "McAuliffe Starts Va. Charm Offensive," Politico, 11/16/08)

"Some Democrats Have Openly Talked About Mr. McAuliffe, A Native Of Syracuse, As A Candidate For Governor Of New York One Day." (Raymond Hernandez, "Democrats Place McCall On Notice," The New York Times, 10/24/02)

  • In 2006, President Bill Clinton Said That McAuliffe "Thinks That Upstate New York Is The Epicenter Of The Entire Universe." PRESIDENT CLINTON: "Thank you. Thank you very much, Congressman Rangel, Mayor Dinkins, my good friend Terry McAuliffe. You know, he -- my beloved Senator is in Upstate New York tonight, so Hillary asked for an excused absence, and McAuliffe actually, as much as he loves Maureen, thinks that Upstate New York is the epicenter of the entire universe. (Laughter.) So we together would say, 'We hope you'll give Hillary an excused absence.'" (President Bill Clinton, Remarks To The Democratic Leadership Council, New York, NY, 4/10/06)
  • When Asked About Being From New York, McAuliffe Claimed He Was From "Upstate New York" And That It Was "Real New York." QUESTION: "Now I have nothing against New Yorkers, and people born in New York, because I was born in New York and don't consider myself…" McAULIFFE: "I was Upstate New York. [CROSSTALK] I was real New York, farm country and all." (Terry McAuliffe, Remarks At A Virginia Democratic Campaign Debate, Uploaded 4/21/09)

In 2009, McAuliffe Had Trouble Remembering Which State He Decided To Run In

While Campaigning In Prince William For Governor Of Virginia In 2009, McAuliffe Praised The Research Institutes We "Have Here In Florida." "Many longtime Democratic activists snicker at McAuliffe's recent gaffe in Prince William County, where he mistakenly referred to the research institutions and universities 'we have here in Florida.'" (Amy Gardner, "McAuliffe's Bid Challenges Assumptions In Va. Politics," The Washington Post, 1/12/09)

  • McAuliffe: "[B]ut it would have to be high paying, good quality jobs. But I think with our research institutes and all the universities we have here in Florida, I think we have a real opportunity…" ("Terry Mac Makes A Couple Gaffes," Not Larry Sabato Blog, 11/17/08)

In 2009, McAuliffe Joked That He Was Running For Governor In Florida And New York. McAULIFFE: "Thank you. It's great to be here in Tallahassee. Come on folks, I'm kidding. You know, I love running for governor of New York." (Terry McAuliffe, Remarks At The Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association Annual Dinner, Richmond, VA, 2/11/09)

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