Terry’s Trail Of Troubles

- July 26, 2013

DHS Nominee's Testimony Raises Troubling Questions For Terry McAuliffe, The Clinton Family And Other Prominent Democrats

Yesterday, At His Senate Confirmation Hearing, Alejandro Mayorkas Admitted He Was Asked To Meet With Terry McAuliffe About GreenTech's EB-5 Visa Troubles. "President Obama's pick for the No. 2 job at the Department of Homeland Security acknowledged Thursday that he had met with prominent Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who wanted to complain about the agency's slow visa application process. But Alejandro Mayorkas said he did nothing improper to help McAuliffe, describing accusations to that effect as "unequivocally false." Mayorkas, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is under scrutiny by the department's inspector general over allegations that he mismanaged a visa program for foreign investors used by McAuliffe's car firm, GreenTech, according to congressional aides and documents." (Ben Pershing and Tom Hamburger, "Homeland Security Deputy Nominee Says He Didn't Give Terry McAuliffe Special Treatment," The Washington Post , 7/25/13)

  • Mayorkas: "I Was Asked To Attend A Meeting With Mr. McAuliffe So That I Could Hear In Person His Complaints." SENATOR CARPER: "My understanding is among the many people establishing or attempting to establish one of these designated regional centers was Terry McAuliffe, what was interested in bringing green car technology to the State of Virginia in one of these regional centers. Ultimately ended up, I think, in the gulf coast states. … Can you share with us any communication you have with Mr. McAuliffe with respect to the 0effort to create one center in Virginia, or maybe one on the gulf coast? Any meetings you had with him, any telephone conversations that you recall?" MAYORKAS: "Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. I was asked to attend a meeting with Mr. McAuliffe so that I could hear in person his complaints." SENATOR CARPER: "And what year was that?" MAYORKAS: "I don't quite recall, it was some time, two years ago." (Alejandro Mayorkas, Confirmation Hearing, Senate Committee On Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs, 7/25/13)


In A 2010 Letter, McAuliffe Asked Secretary Of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano To Expedite Gulf Coast Funds Management's EB-5 Petitions And To Allow The Company To Expand The Number Of States In Which It Operated. "GCFM's motion to reopen should be approved as soon as possible so that it can fund GTA's operations and job creation in Virginia and Tennessee. USCIS should also expedite adjudication of all EB-5 petitions for investors in Project Mastiff." (Terry McAuliffe, Letter To Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, 12/15/10)

Earlier In 2010, McAuliffe Dropped Virginia Sen. Mark Warner's Name In An Email To A Homeland Security Official, Warning "You Should Be Aware That Senator Warner And Other Members Of Congress Have Made Inquiries On This Project." "I have been extremely frustrated by the USCIS approval process which has delayed our business plan and job creation efforts. The major delay was caused by incorrect information being given to us by USCIS officials regarding the extension process. You should be aware that Senator Warner and other Members of Congress have made inquiries on this project." (Terry McAuliffe, Email To Douglas A. Smith, 7/28/10)

Emails Show That U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Officials Knew That Gulf Coast Funding And GreenTech Were "Well Connected" To Hillary Clinton

U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Employees Noted That GreenTech And Gulf Coast Funds Management Were "Well Connected" To Hillary Clinton And McAuliffe When Discussing How To Deal With The Firms. "The last note I would like to highlight, and not that I think it matters because it shouldn't impact how we do our job, but from a political standpoint this RC is 'well connected.' The Principal is the brother of former First Lady and Senator and current Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Chairman of Greentech Automotive is Terence (Terry) McAuliffe who has worked for the DNC and both Clinton Presidential Campaigns. There is a long history with these cases which included an inquiry from Terry McAuliffe to the Secretary of Homeland Security when USCIS denied an amendment for Gulf Coast Funds Management, LLC a few years back. Needless to say, a lot of folks were involved with that inquiry. ( USCIS Email, 11/19/12, p 10-11)


Mayorkas Claimed He Referred Gulf Coast Funds' EB-5 Cases To The Fraud Detection And National Security Directorate

Mayorkas Told The Senate Committee On Homeland Security And Governmental Affairs That He Referred EB-5 Cases Involving Gulf Coast Funds Management To Homeland Security's Fraud Detection And National Security Directorate. MAYORKAS: "And notably, when a report was published with respect to raising a question with respect to the integrity of this business enterprise, as I do in all circumstances, drawing upon my many years as a federal prosecutor, drawing upon my prioritization of national security and fraud detection in the agency and my execution of those priorities, as soon as I learned of a concern with respect to this matter from that perspective I referred the case to the fraud detection and national security directorate." (Alejandro Mayorkas, Confirmation Hearing, Senate Committee On Homeland Securiy & Governmental Affairs, 7/25/13)

Gulf Coast Funds Management Lists GreenTech As Their Only "Current Project." "For more information about our current project, GreenTech Automotive, please visit their website." ( Gulf Coast Funds Website, Accessed 7/23/13)

According To Gulf Coast Funds Management's Form I-924A Filed With United States Customs And Immigration Services, GreenTech Is Gulf Coasts' Only Client. "Provide the following information for each job creating commercial enterprise located within the geographic scope of your regional center that has received EB-5 investor capital: GreenTech Automotive Partnership…" ("Form I-924A, Supplement To Form I-924," United States Customs And Immigration Services , 12/29/12)

Internal U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services Emails Show That EB-5 Applications Related To Gulf Coast/GreenTech Are On Hold For "Fraud/National Security"

An Internal U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS) Email Dated March 12, 2013 Notes That GreenTech Had 21 Pending EB-5 Visa Applications, And That All 21 Were On Hold For "Fraud/National Security." "GreenTech Regional Center: The Automotive Partnership NCE has 21 related pending 1-526 cases. There is a Fraud /National Security hold on all 21 of these cases." ( Email To Alejandro Mayorkas , 3/12/13, p 40)

A Former GreenTech Employee Says Workers Were Instructed To Put On "An Act" For Chinese Investors

A Former Mississippi Employee Of GreenTech Said That In The Nearly Two Years He Worked There, Only 30 Cars Were Built. "The former employee told us that in his more than a year in a half on the line maybe 30 cars were built and most of them never left the building." ("Former Worker Raises Concerns About Greentech's Progress," NBC12, 7/24/13)

  • "And Most Of [The Cars] Never Left The Building." ("Former Worker Raises Concerns About Greentech's Progress,"NBC12, 7/24/13)

Former GreenTech Employee: "They Would Take Everybody And Put Them Out On The Line And We Would Stand Over The Car With Tools In Our Hand And Look Like We Were Doing Something To The Car But We Wasn't Doing Anything." (WMC-TN, 7/24/13)

  • The Employee Said GreenTech Management Told Them That The Company Was Dependant On Foreign Investors. GREENTECH EMPLOYEE: "Like I say, we were told that they depended on these foreign investors, the company depended on these investors coming in to finance the initiative that we were doing.'" (WMC-TN, 7/24/13)

Former GreenTech Employee: "It Was All An Act Put On For These Investors To Make Them Think We Were Producing And Actually Doing Work." "When the Chinese investor comes in, we were placed on the station, at our assigned work stations, we start working on the cars as if we were producing cars then sending them out the door. It was all a -- an act put on for these investors to make them think that we were producing and actually doing work when, in fact, these cars had been built six months prior to and tore apart and put on the line," ( WMC-TN, 7/24/13)

  • Former GreenTech Employee: "In Fact, These Cars Had Been Built Six Months Prior To And Tore Apart And Put On The Line." (WMC-TN, 7/24/13)

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