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Team GOP - November 11, 2016

On Tuesday night, the Republican Party celebrated a historic victory. That victory is attributable to many causes, not the least of which was the incredible support and tireless work of volunteers across the nation.

Our country now sits on the brink of a bright new future, and that is thanks to the incredible efforts of loyal volunteers, organizers, and supporters. Every GOP victory is owed to their hard work, dedication, and continued efforts to mobilize the electorate. This is, however, just the beginning, as we continue to strengthen our outreach and communicate our values to the American people.

Since 2013, the GOP has been effecting a complete overhaul of its ground game, and was able to create a robust, coordinated network of full-time employees and volunteers across America. Republican staff and volunteers contributed millions of hours to the organization of volunteers and voter outreach long before Hillary Clinton even hired a staffer. More than 7,000 paid employees were able to mobilize tens of thousands of volunteers for the Republican Party, knocking on tens of millions of doors and making even more calls.

The integration of the GOP’s revamped ground game and President-elect Trump's message to enabled the GOP to carry its entire ticket to victory in the face of fierce competition. These combined efforts have allowed the GOP to truly redraw the electoral map, and offer a fresh voice to millions of Americans who had been left behind.

Without the tireless support of all of our volunteers and staff, we would not have been able to accomplish such a historic victory. Thank you for all of your hard work!

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