The ambitious coming out of the Republican Party

RNC Communications - March 22, 2013

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus just announced the party’s strategy to win elections and build the party. The party’s strategy, based on its Growth and Opportunity project, includes some old ideas and some innovative ones that, if all work, could possibly put the party of Lincoln on a path to winning elections and possibly the White House in 2016.

The announcement was based on 219 recommendations made by party members throughout the country. One of the most attention-getting proposals is the field operation effort which will cost approximately $10 million. The field operation is designed to engage communities at the local level, focusing on demographic target groups. The Republican National Committee plans to hire political directors from the Hispanic, Asian, African American communities as well as from women’s groups. The party will invest in a mobile voter registration effort and while doing so will conduct an aggressive marketing campaign across the country, especially in minority communities, about what it means to be a Republican.

They will beef up their communication efforts with representatives from these minority communities, and will hire field staff specifically targeted toward the 2014 congressional races. While this is going on, the party plans to establish senior level advisory councils for Hispanics as well as for African Americans and Asians. They will establish swearing-in citizenship teams to introduce new citizens to the Grand Old Party after naturalization ceremonies and they will communicate more with groups such as LULAC, NALEO, NCLR and the NAACP, etc.

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