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- July 31, 2012

Are These The Best People To Speak At The Democrats' Convention?


The New York Times' Jeff Zeleny: "If He [Obama] Was In A Stronger Position, He Would Not Invite The Former President To Be At His Campaign." "I think it means that President Obama realizes that he is in trouble and he needs help from whoever he can get it. If he was in a stronger position, he would not invite the former President to be at his campaign." (MSNBC's " Hardball," 7/30/12)

University Of Virginia Professor Larry Sabato: Clinton's Speech "Will Just Remind People That Obama Is No Bill Clinton When It Comes To The Economy." "In fact, Clinton's address - to be announced Monday, according to the New York Times - could end up hurting Obama. 'There will be people who say it helps Obama, but they're already voting for him,' says Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville. 'And it will just remind people that Obama is no Bill Clinton when it comes to the economy.'" (Linda Feldmann, "How Bill Clinton's Prime-Time Convention Speech Could Hurt Obama," The Christian Science Monitor , 7/30/12)

CNN's Brianna Keilar: "There Are Still 473,000 Less Jobs Right Now Than When President Obama Took Office. At This Point In Clinton's First Term, Almost 10 Million Jobs Had Been Added." "Four years ago, Clinton's role was to warm up the audience for Joe Biden's speech. This year he's got a heavier lift: warming up middle class voters for President Obama as the economy continues to falter. Despite 27 consecutive months of creating jobs, there are still 473,000 less jobs right now than when President Obama took office. At this point in Clinton's first term, almost 10 million jobs had been added. But the White House dismisses suggestions Clinton's appearance will highlight those differences in a negative way." (CNN's "Situation Room," 7/30/12)


"What's Unclear Is Whether Warren Is The Ideal Messenger" To Contrast Romney And Obama. "The Obama campaign tapped populist Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren to give a primetime address on the Wednesday of the Democratic National Convention, lining up just before Bill Clinton. It's a clear sign the campaign intends to sharply draw contrasts between Romney's wealth and President Obama's message of fighting for the middle class. What's unclear is whether Warren is the ideal messenger to deliver that red meat rhetoric in front of a nationally-televised audience." (Josh Kraushaar, "Obama's Elizabeth Warren Test," National Journal, 7/31/12)

"Polls Show About One-Quarter Of Obama Supporters In Massachusetts Are Supporting Brown -- The Highest Cross-Over Total Seen In Any Competitive Senate Race This Cycle." "But fundraising and base enthusiasm don't necessarily translate into political support. She's locked in a neck-and-neck battle with Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., but polls show about one-quarter of Obama supporters in Massachusetts are supporting Brown -- the highest cross-over total seen in any competitive Senate race this cycle. Many of the defectors are working-class Democrats who don't naturally connect with her personally. As one senior Democratic strategist put it to me, she's struggling among the Democrats who are liberal, but don't know it." (Josh Kraushaar, "Obama's Elizabeth Warren Test," National Journal, 7/31/12)

Obama's You Didn't Build That Blunder Is A "Watered Down Version Of Warren's View Of The Free Market." "But it's worth remembering that Obama's biggest recent campaign blunder was when he downplayed the individual efforts of entrepreneurs, in ad-libbed remarks in Roanoke, Virginia. It was his watered down version of Warren's view of the free market, remarks that went viral last year." (Josh Kraushaar, "Obama's Elizabeth Warren Test," National Journal, 7/31/12)

Democrats "Would Be Wise To Remember, Though, That Rhetoric That Appeals To The Base Doesn't Always Resonate In The Middle." "In a worst-case scenario, sounding too hard-edged could risk a Democratic version of Pat Buchanan's infamous 1992 convention speech, where he argued there was 'a religious war going on in our country for the soul of America.' It was a hit in certain conservative circles, but a total flop with the average voter. Democrats believe Republicans are waging a war against the middle class and have embraced hard-edged rhetoric to make that point. They would be wise to remember, though, that rhetoric that appeals to the base doesn't always resonate in the middle." (Josh Kraushaar, "Obama's Elizabeth Warren Test," National Journal, 7/31/12)


Former Obama Chief Of Staff Bill Daley Says Rahm Emanuel Wasn't As Beloved As People Think He Was. "People are asking if you are as good as Rahm, I say to Daley. 'It's pathetic, isn't it?' Daley responds, laughing. Rahm wouldn't say it, I say. 'Rahm would say it!' Daley says. 'Maybe I missed it - I wasn't here the first two years - but I don't think Rahm was as beloved (as people now say.)'" (Roger Simon, "Exclusive: Bill Daley, Unplugged," Politico, 10/28/11)

Emanuel's White House "Could Sometimes Feel Like An Extension Of The High School Cafeteria ." "Holder was personally closer to Obama than almost anyone else in the cabinet, a dynamic that over time bred resentment inside the West Wing. Preternaturally calm and studiously above the fray, Obama was the administration's adult in chief. But a White House managed by the agitative Emanuel could sometimes feel like an extension of the high school cafeteria, with aides acting out personal jealousies and vying for the attention of the big man on campus ." (Daniel Klaidman, Kill Or Capture, 2012, p. 79)

Former Obama Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel: "You Never Want A Serious Crisis To Go To Waste. And What I Mean By That Is An Opportunity To Do Things You Think You Could Not Do Before." (YouTube, Accessed 7/31/12)

Rahm Emanuel Dismissed The White House's Women Issue As Nothing, A "Blip." "Later, when Emanuel was asked in an interview about the women's group and their issues, he was succinct. The concerns of women, he said, were a nonissue, a 'blip.' As to the fact that the White House's women rather strongly disagreed with him on that point, he said, 'I understand,' and then laughed uproariously." (Ron Suskind, Confidence Men, 2011, p. 353)

Obama And Emanuel Pushed To Spotlight Solyndra. "'Ron said this morning that the POTUS definitely wants to do this (or Rahm definitely wants the POTUS to do this?),' one White House staffer told an Obama scheduler on Aug. 17, 2009." (Carol D. Leonnig and Joe Stephens, "Solyndra: Obama And Rahm Emanuel Pushed To Spotlight Energy Company," The Washington Post, 10/7/11)

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