VIDEO: Carney Dodges Leak Questions While McRaven Says They Will "Cost People Their Lives"

- July 26, 2012

For Three Minutes, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Won't Deny White House Was Involved In Leaks


Fox News' Ed Henry: "One being the national security leaks. Can you say, flatly, that nobody inside the White House was involved in the national security leaks that are being investigated?"

WH Spokesman Jay Carney: "Well Ed, as you know this is a matter under investigation by two experienced federal prosecutors, I'm not going to speak specifically about it. I can point you to the statements of the president, statements I've made in the past about this, about the seriousness with which he takes this issue. And make the point that no one relies on the kind of information that is provided, classified information that is provided to help him make incredibly difficult decisions, than the president of the United States. And so he has no tolerance for leaks and that's why he has spoken to this issue in the way that he has. You're asking me to make a comment on an ongoing investigation."

Henry: "You referenced past statements. One of your past statements was June 11th and you said it was absurd when Senator McCain suggested that people inside the White House had leaked this information for political gain. In June David Axelrod flatly said on ABC that nobody inside the White House was involved. And yesterday David Axelrod -- hang on -- David Axelrod was on MSNBC yesterday, and said that the president did not leak anything. And then he followed up by saying the president didn't authorize any leaks. That's different, that leaves open the door that there were unauthorized leaks by White House people, so have you moved the posts?"

Carney: "No Ed, I think you're conflating a lot of things. All those statement are completely true. I stand by what I said and what Mr. Axelrod and the president have said. But what I can tell you is that there are investigations ongoing and I'm not going to comment on the specifics of the investigations. I can point you to what the president said…"

Henry: "He flatly said nobody in the White House was involved. Can you today say nobody in the White House was involved?"

Carney: "Involved in which particular case are you talking about? I can tell you the president takes this very seriously; we all take this very seriously. It is again an insult and preposterous to suggest that this White House would leak information for political gain, classified information for political gain. That did not happen and would not happen under this president. A lot of this began as a focus on the operation that successfully removed Osama bin Laden from the battlefield. And the fact of the matter is the president spoke to 100 million people about that operation. Its existence is well known, and the -- this president, as that operation demonstrates, finds the use of the kinds of information that is protected in our national security environment, highly important. He has to make life and death decisions based on that information all the time and he thinks it is extremely important that that information be safeguarded." ( Press Briefing, Washington, DC, 7/26/12)

Admiral McRaven On Leaks: "Sooner Or Later It's Going To Cost People Their Lives"


Admiral William McRaven, Commander Of Special Operations, On National Security Leaks: "We Need To Do The Best We Can To Clamp Down On It, Because Sooner Or Later It's Going To Cost People Their Lives, Or It's Going To Cost Us Our National Security." CNN'S WOLF BLITZER: "On that sources and methods, there's a huge uproar now, from your perspective, I'm anxious to get your sense about the leaks, about the bin Laden raid, whether it did undermine sources and methods, it went too far, there are investigations as you know on the Hill right now. Can you share a thought with us on how you feel about all this?" ADMIRAL WILLIAM MCRAVEN: "Well we're never happy when leaks occur, obviously. We go to great lengths to protect our national security, very great lengths to protect our sources and methods. So all of that we guard very carefully. Unfortuantely not everyone guards that very carefully. I think what you've seen is the Secretary and the President and Capitol Hill are taking these leaks very, very seriously, as they should. And we need to do the best we can to clamp down on it, because sooner or later it's going to cost people their lives, or it's going to cost us our national security. So it is important." (2012 Aspen Security Forum, The Aspen Institute, Aspen, CO, 7/25/12)

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