Want Heath Care Fixed? Fire Harry Reid

- July 31, 2014

After ObamaCare’s Tumultuous Rollout In October 2013, Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) Could Have Fixed The Law.“In the end, one man will control whether the Senate attempts to fix ObamaCare after its messy debut: Harry Reid. But the Senate majority leader isn’t ready to act just yet. Reid and his leadership team are assessing how Obama’s proposed administrative fix to allow individuals to keep canceled insurance plans for one year plays in GOP-friendly states like Louisiana, Arkansas and North Carolina — where key Democratic incumbents are up for reelection next year, leadership aides said. The hope is that the fix may blunt a recent nose dive in public approval of ObamaCare.” (Burgess Everett, “Harry Reid Between Affordable Care Act And Vulnerable Democrats,” Politico, 11/19/13)

  • But As A “Close Ally” To Obama, Reid Frowned On Crossing “The White House” And Allowing Votes “On Legislative Fixes” To The Law. “Despite the law’s messy rollout and flagging public support, Reid and Senate Democrats have no immediate plans to cross the White House and vote on legislative fixes. … But he is also a close ally to President Barack Obama whom the White House is counting on to help contain the damage.” (Burgess Everett, “Harry Reid Between Affordable Care Act And Vulnerable Democrats,” Politico, 11/19/13)

Senator Reid “Won’t Allow Any Votes To Undo Parts Of ObamaCare.” “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid signaled Tuesday that he won’t allow any votes to undo parts of ObamaCare, leaving Democrats to have to face voters in November without any chance for a do-over on thorny issues such as the individual mandate.” (Stephen Dinan, “Reid Won’t Allow Floor Votes Undoing Parts Of ObamaCare,” The Washington Times, 3/25/14)


In September 2013, A Bipartisan Majority In The House, Including 17 Democrats, Voted To Repeal The Medical Device Tax.  “Late Saturday night the House passed two amendments to the Senate spending bill, one to delay the implementation of ObamaCare for a year, the other to repeal the tax on medical device manufacturers that was included in the Affordable Care Act to help offset the cost of expanded insurance coverage. … On the medical device tax repeal, 17 Democrats voted for it, as did all Republican members.” (Tom Curry, “Cruz Urges Reid To Call Senate Into Session And Avert Shutdown,” NBC News, 9/29/13)

  • 45 House Democrats Have Co-Sponsored The “Protect Medical Innovation Act Of  2013,” Which If Enacted, Would Repeal ObamaCare’s Medical Device Tax. (H.R. 523, Introduced 2/6/13)

In A Nonbinding Budget Vote, 34 Senate Democrats Joined Republicans To Repeal ObamaCare’s Medical Device Tax. “Thirty-four Senate Democrats joined Republicans on Thursday night in a nonbinding but overwhelming vote to repeal a key tax in President Barack Obama’s health reform law. The Senate voted 79-20 to get rid of the law’s 2.3 percent sales tax on medical device-makers. The amendment to the budget resolution won’t become law because the budget is nonbinding. But it has huge political significance as momentum builds for bipartisan consensus to get rid of another piece of ObamaCare.” (Jennifer Haberkorn, “Democrats Join Push To Dump ObamaCare Tax,” Politico, 3/22/13)

  • Despite Bipartisan Support, Reid Has “No Appetite” To Bring A Vote On The Medical Device Tax To The Senate Floor. “Republicans are eager to attach a repeal of a medical device surtax to the tax cut extension package on the Senate floor, but the chamber’s top Democrat seems to have no appetite for it.” (Niels Lesniewski and Humberto Sanchez, “Medical Device Tax Repeal Vote Sought By GOP,” Roll Call, 5/13/14)

Senator Reid Has No Interest In Repealing The Unpopular Medical Device Tax In ObamaCare. “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has no interest in debating a repeal of the medical device excise tax as part of any negotiations to revive a stalled tax cut bill.” (Niels Lesniewski, “Reid: No ObamaCare Amendments On Tax Cut Bill,” Roll Call, 5/20/14)

Reid Has Turned A Blind Eye To Small Businesses

 Earlier This Year, 18 Democrats Joined House Republicans To Pass Bipartisan Legislation That Would Eliminate ObamaCare’s 30-Hour Workweek Mandate. “The House voted Thursday to eliminate a piece of ObamaCare that Republicans say is forcing millions of people to accept reduced hours and smaller paychecks. Members passed the Save American Workers Act in a 248-179 vote, after a debate that stretched out over two days. Eighteen Democrats voted with Republicans, a bit more than the seven Democratic co-sponsors of the legislation, H.R. 2575.” (Pete Kasperowicz, “House Rejects O-Care 30-Hour Workweek,” The Hill’s Floor Action, 4/3/14)

  • In March, 27 Democrats Voted To Delay ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate In The House. “The House voted Wednesday to delay tax penalties for failing to buy health insurance this year under ObamaCare, a vote that reflects growing Republican frustration with President Obama’s selective implementation of the law. Members voted 250-160 in favor of the bill, which attracted the support of 27 Democrats.” (Pete Kasperowicz, “27 Democrats Support House GOP Bill To Delay ObamaCare Penalty,”The Hill’s Floor Action, 3/5/14)

Reid Won’t Bring The Two Bills To A Vote, Allowing ObamaCare Fix Bills To “Die On The Legislative Vine.” “The bill’s passage could put pressure on Senate Democrats to take up the measure — several are in tough re-election bids and the mandate is an unpopular facet of Mr. Obama’s law — but Senate Majority Leader  Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, has let other anti-ObamaCare bills die on the legislative vine.” (Tom Howell Jr., “House Votes To Delay ObamaCare Individual Mandate,” The Washington Times, 3/5/14)


Earlier This Year, Reid Blamed ObamaCare’s Problems On Americans Not Being “Educated On How To Use The Internet.” REID: “We have hundreds of thousands of people who tried to sign up who didn’t get through. There are some people who are not like my grandchildren who can handle everything so easily on the Internet, and these people need a little extra time. It’s not — the example they gave us is a 63-year-old woman came into the store and said, ‘I almost got it. Every time I just about got there, it would cut me off.’ We have a lot of people just like this through no fault of the Internet, but because people are not educated on how to use the Internet.” (Harry Reid, Press Briefing, Washington, D.C., 3/26/14)

A New Report From The Government Accountability Office (GAO) Found That The “Obama Administration Set The Stage” For The Website’s Failures. “Management failures by the Obama administration set the stage for the computer woes that paralyzed the president’s new health care program last fall, nonpartisan investigators said in testimony released Wednesday. Behind the administration’s repeated assurances that consumers across the land would soon have seamless access to health care, a chaotic procurement process was about to deliver a stumbling start.” (“Probe Exposes Flaws Behind HealthCare.Gov Rollout,” The Associated Press, 7/30/14)

  • The ObamaCare Website Cost Taxpayers “Roughly $840 Million.” “The Obama administration has spent roughly $840 million on, including more than $150 million just in cost overruns for the version that failed so badly when it launched last year.” (Same Baker, “ObamaCare Website Has Cost $840 Million,” National Journal, 7/30/14)

The GAO “Found That The Administration Lacked ‘Effective Planning Or Oversight Practices.’” “After a months-long investigation, the Government Accountability Office found that the administration lacked ‘effective planning or oversight practices’ for the development of, the online portal to coverage for millions of uninsured Americans.” (“Probe Exposes Flaws Behind HealthCare.Gov Rollout,” The Associated Press, 7/30/14)

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