Weekend Messaging Memo - The Breakup

Sean Spicer - September 7, 2012


FROM: RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer |@seanspicer

TO: Interested Parties

RE: Weekend Messaging Memo - The Breakup

Today's jobs report is just another reason for 2008 Obama supporters to break up with the president. (See our latest video, "The Break Up.")

Four years later, we're not better off. The president's not the man he promised to be, and he hasn't done what he promised to do.

Independent voters are rethinking their support for the president. They're ready to say, "You've changed." Let's just be friends.

It's understandable that voters worried about the future in 2008 supported Barack Obama. He promised hope and change, deficit reduction, and a thriving economy. But today, hope is in short supply, and change has been for the worse. Our deficit has exploded, and our economy has stagnated.

President Obama did not keep his word. He did not live up to his promises. And with no new plans for a second term--other than more spending and more taxes--we cannot expect anything different from four more years of the president.

It's time for a breakup.

As Chairman Priebus said, last night's speech from the president "had the trademark soaring rhetoric but was devoid of any sense of responsibility for the disappointments of the last four years... 'Forward' makes a fine slogan, but only if it's backed up by substantive policy."

President Obama's 2008 campaign relied on slogans and speeches. But in 2012, the president has a record, and he must be held accountable. He must prove a second term will be better than the first. Words and warmed-over promises are not enough.

President Obama promised by today our economy would be humming along. Unemployment would be around 5.5 percent, and millions of new jobs would be giving hope to previously struggling families.

That's nowhere near reality: We've endured 43 months of unemployment over 8 percent. The $831 billion stimulus produced massive debt, but it failed to produce those "shovel-ready jobs." Families are struggling more as wages shrink and prices rise.

If the president couldn't deliver on his promises the first time (when he knew he would face reelection), how can voters believe he'll keep them in a second term (when he will never again face voters)?

Unlike President Obama four years ago, Mitt Romney has a record, and it's a record of getting the job done. He saved struggling businesses and started successful ones--household names like Staples and Sports Authority. In 2002, he rescued the Olympics from scandal and debt and made them a success for the nation and the world. As governor of Massachusetts, he cut taxes, balanced the budget, created jobs, and strengthened education.

And unlike President Obama today, Mitt Romney has a five-point plan for job creation and strengthening the middle class. It's a commitment to achieving energy independence, providing workers skills and education, making trade work for America, cutting the deficit, and championing small business. Moreover, instead of raising taxes, he'll cut taxes on the middle class.

As the conventions made clear, there's a sharp contrast in this election. Only one candidate has a record of success and a credible plan for a better future, and that's Mitt Romney.

President Obama had his chance. For those that once supported him, it's time to see other people.

The President campaigned in 2008 on the problems facing the economy and his ability to solve them. Once elected he said if he didn't have it turned around in three years it would be a one-term proposition. This may be one promise we will ensure he keeps.


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