WH transparency problem?

RNC Communications - August 6, 2012

From Plouffe taking money from a firm associated with Iran to Messina using personal email to keep official business off the books and Daley, Rahm, Lew, Cutter, Jarrett and the VP office’s involvement in Solyndra, the transparency issues continue to stack up without any questions being answered from the White House. See Chairman Priebus’ statement below: 

PLOUFFE: Washington Post: Firm With Ties To Iran Paid Obama Associate For Talks

MESSINA: Politico: Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina’s Messy Record On Transparency

BILL DALEY: ABC News: Daley Was Briefed On Solyndra 

RAHM EMANUEL: Politico: Solyndra Was Rahm’s Idea

JACOB LEW: Washington Post: Lew Ignored Warnings About Solyndra’s Restructuring

VALERIE JARRETT: ABC News: Jarrett Ignored Warnings About Solyndra’s Political Fallout

STEF CUTTER: BuzzFeed: White House On Solyndra Failure: “Ugh”

VP’s Office: NBC News: VP Office Pressured OMB On Solyndra

RNC Statement on the White House's Transparency Hypocrisy

WASHINGTON - The Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement regarding the White House's questionable actions with regard to Solyndra and Iran: 

"Today's headlines reveal more ethically questionable conduct by a member of President Obama's inner circle, adding to a growing pattern of behavior," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. "Senior White House advisor David Plouffe profited handsomely by speaking to a company doing business with the radical, anti-American government of Iran.

"Last week, we learned Jim Messina used his personal email account to negotiate with lobbyists while other top officials chatted up the special interests at Caribou Coffee to keep their conversations secret--blatantly violating the very transparency standards on which Obama campaigned. A separate report showed Jack Lew, Bill Daley, Valerie Jarrett and other Obama insiders all knew the Solyndra loan was headed for disaster, but they let the administration swindle the taxpayers for half a billion dollars anyway. New emails show Rahm Emanuel was 'hot on Solyndra' and pressured the administration to move forward, yet he refuses to answer questions about his involvement. 

"President Obama owes the American people an answer: Does he knowingly allow this kind of reckless behavior in his White House, or has he lost control of his own senior staff? Why isn't he answering questions or holding his staff accountable? When President Obama promised to change the way Washington works, this certainly isn't what voters had in mind." 


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