Who Knows? 4 Times the State Department Dodged Questions on Hillary’s Emails

Raj Shah - August 31, 2015

 Today, despite many attempts by the Clinton team to assert that a Secretary of State holding a secret, unsecured email server was above board, the State Department repeatedly refused to say the same. Here are four questions the State Department could not answer about Hillary’s emails.

1.) Did Clinton Send Classified Foreign Government Information Over Her Email?

According to Clinton, there’s nothing to see here. But State Department spokesman Mark Toner could not confirm or deny whether Clinton sent classified foreign government information over her secret server, stating rather, “I can’t pass judgment from this podium right now.” Reports have surfaced that Clinton sent dozens of classified emails containing so-called “foreign government information,” among many other highly sensitive topics.

2.) Did Clinton Send Unmarked but Classified Information Over Her Email?

 Clinton’s shifting story on her email scandal relies on litigating side issues and moving the goal posts on relevant distinctions. When asked about the matter today, the State Department chased its tail and could not provide a straight response. Questions remain, as just today we learned that 150 of Hillary’s emails contain now classified information.

3.) Did Clinton Follow Federal Rules on Handling Classified Information?

When asked directly whether former Secretary of State followed the rules and standards of the law, the State Department categorically refused to address the question: “I’m just not going to answer that question.” While, Mark Toner may not choose to speak on the subject, a U.S. District Judge recently said Clinton’s secret server and private emails clearly “violated policy.”

4.) Was Secretary Clinton Subject to the State Department’s Own Foreign Affairs Manual?

Was Clinton above the rules, yes or no? Apparently that was too difficult a question for the State Department to answer. We already know that as Secretary of State, Clinton was required to sign a certification that she handed over all unclassified documents related to official business. As far as the State Department knows, she has not done so.

Even if Clinton did not send information specifically marked classified at the time it was sent doesn’t mean she didn’t violate her own Department’s rules, expose classified information, or violate the law.

 The questions listed above and many more – now well over 5 months after this scandal first broke – demand answers, and the Obama Administration’s stonewalling speaks volumes.

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