Why Democrats Are Worried, and What the RNC is Doing

Reince Priebus - March 17, 2014

Excerpts from Breitbart

By: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
March 17, 2014 

The Republican victory in last week’s special election in Florida’s 13th District proves that Democrats are on defense as we head to November… And they should be worried. Not only did it show that their policies--especially ObamaCare--are unpopular, but Republicans were able to benefit from the RNC’s new voter engagement strategy, which includes the new data tools, new technology, and new permanent ground game that we’re using all across the country.


One year ago this Tuesday they announced their recommendations, and I announced the steps we would take at the RNC in response... In just one year, we’ve accomplished a great deal…We’ve been able to support candidates up and down the ballot and across the country with field staff… We’ve invested in new predictive analytics to better understand what matters to voters, and we’re using a new API to facilitate data collection and sharing across groups and campaigns.


 Looking toward 2016, we’ve taken steps toward taking control of the primary debates. We’ll decide on the venues and moderators, and we’ll ensure that the primary and the debates are informative for voters and give the candidates a chance to make their cases. And by moving the convention to an earlier date, our eventual nominee will start the general election in a position of strength.


 We’ve launched a new ad campaign featuring real Republicans telling their fellow Americans what issues matter to them and why they are Republicans. You can view these ads at The RNC will continue to build on the foundation we’ve laid over the past year. 

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