Will These Vulnerable Democrats Embrace Harry Reid?

Sean Spicer - August 14, 2014


FROM: RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer |@SeanSpicer

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RE: Will These Vulnerable Democrats Embrace Harry Reid?

Vulnerable Democrats are so worried about losing in November that they have begun to pretend they’re Republicans.

Candidates for Senate, including Senator Mark Begich of Alaska, Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, Michelle Nunn of Georgia, and Natalie Tennant of West Virginia, have run ads recently highlighting their supposed ties to Republican leaders or policies.

In one ad, Begich bragged of working with Senator Murkowski. (Murkowski sent a cease and desist letter, noting the ad contains false statements.)

Mark Pryor released an ad comparing himself to John McCain, though you have to wonder what Senator McCain would say about Pryor’s comments that those who serve in the military have a “sense of entitlement.”

Michelle Nunn invokes former President George H.W. Bush in her ads, even though he does not support her candidacy and her own advisors have expressed concerns that she’s too liberal for Georgia.

Natalie Tennant is shown in an ad switching off the lights at the White House, supposedly in support of coal power, despite the fact that she’s voted for President Obama twice, campaigned for him, and previously expressed support for his anti-coal energy policies.

In Minnesota, Al Franken has touted his work with Ted Cruz. And in Virginia, Mark Warner, who voted with President Obama 97% of the time, is trying to cover up his liberal record by talking about his supposed bipartisanship.

Clearly, these Democrats, like other candidates across the country, know that being a Democrat in this election is a liability. They want voters to forget their allegiance to Harry Reid and President Obama.

Voters need to remember—and Republicans will be happy to remind them—that no ad can erase the past. Senators Pryor, Begich, Franken, and Warner have spent years rubber-stamping the Obama-Reid agenda, including ObamaCare, which all Republican senators opposed. If re-elected, they would continue to support that agenda. Nunn and Tennant would join them in dutifully voting to keep Harry Reid majority leader, which means there will be no legislation to protect coal jobs, end ObamaCare, or stop runaway spending.

If Begich, Pryor, Franken, Warner, Nunn, and Tennant want voters to think they aren’t Harry Reid Democrats, then they should pledge not to support Reid for majority leader.

Until that happens, however, a vote for Begich or Pryor or Franken or Warner or Nunn or Tennant—or any Democrat Senate candidate—is a vote for Harry Reid, no matter what misleading ads they run.


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